Wounded Warriors
It is important to heal the past and create balance within ourselves.  The warrior
archetype within has always been willing to move into the fray, to put him or
herself into the heart of the action.  As a result, this aspect of personality often
bears many wounds from past lives to which a strong surge of emotion remains
attached.  It is the emotion that holds us back on our spiritual journey, the
anger, resentment, and more, that keeps us off balance.

As a healer, in the course of my work I see a lot of unusual wounds presented in
the aura.  When we are not at peace with the trauma or the death blows of prior
lifetimes, we hold on to the energy of the wound.  I see bullet holes, sword
thrusts, knife wounds, manacles, arrows, ropes, and more every day.  I often
joke that if the implements that I pull out of auras were actually three-
dimensional I would have quite a collection of weaponry and ancient devices of
torture.  I have found that although my work, Soul Path Clearance, can clear the
energy from the Akashic Records*, it is best if the client clears the cellular
memory of these traumas on their own.  To that end I have channeled an
exercise/meditation that takes but a few moments and is very effective in
releasing one layer of cellular memory at a time, although there may be several
layers associated with each type of trauma.

The exercise is best employed whenever an individual experiences any
disharmony in life.  Encounters with a button-pusher, an unexpected pain in the
body, or being out of sorts in any way that cannot be readily explained - each
creates an opportunity to employ the meditation.  Nearly every disharmony we
experience in this life has its roots in past life trauma which is held within the
cellular matrix.  That’s what makes this releasing exercise particularly effective.
Whenever you experience an emotional charge, a strong surge of uncontrolled
emotional reaction, make a mental note to clear it as soon as you can find a few
moments.  Allow your imagination free reign – do not edit yourself in any way.  
Your Inner Self is the director and will show you the most important layer for
release first, no matter what time period it appears to be.  

Begin by taking a calming breath, then step back from the emotion and close
your eyes.  Tell yourself a story that begins with these words, “Once upon a
time I  . . . “  You may see yourself as the opposite sex, wearing odd clothing,
with different color hair – anything - and that is okay because there is no editing
needed.  Let the story flow through your thoughts, visualizing it as you go.  

After you finish telling your story in your mind, identify what you observed your
former self feeling, and then say, “I forgive myself.”  You may find that you
forgive yourself for being vulnerable, angry, frustrated, or difficult, whatever
surfaces first.  If you think the memories or sensations will be too graphic feel
free to skip the visualization portion.

Once you have forgiven yourself, move on to offering forgiveness to anyone
that you blame from that lifetime’s incident.  You may see any number of
challenging images, death blows or trauma, and you will need to forgive it all.  
Nelson Mandela is the author of a quote that I love; it goes something like this,
“Wishing someone else ill is like taking poison and expecting the other person to
die.”  Anger does not serve you, especially if you have been hanging on to it for
1,000 years.  It needs to be released and healed so that you can find peace
and balance.

The third step is to forgive all other persons involved in this event, those who
hold any energy or responsibility for it.  You may simply say, “I forgive anyone
else associated with this event in any way.”

For your own sake it is also important to ask for forgiveness from all those
involved because you held on to the energy for so long.  In all probability you
have already been forgiven, but this is an important component in your own
healing.  The final step is to then express gratitude for the lessons you have
learned around this event - to thank the Higher Power and your High Self for
this gift of insight and healing.

Personally, I use the meditation everyday to release whatever gets in the way of
my spiritual development.  My goal is to release as much traumatized cellular
memory as possible so that I am not held back, my Warrior archetype is healed,
and I bring more balance and Light into my life.  I have seen myself as a
Buddhist monk whose monastery was attacked, a Roman general who was killed
by a woman captive, and as a woman who escaped a harem only to perish in a
sandstorm.  I have had many lifetimes on both sides of the gender coin, and I,
like everyone else in a human body, bear the scars of these lifetimes.  The
wounded warrior in each of us is calling out for healing.  Allow your warrior
archetype to step into the fray once more, this time to be healed.

The Akashic Records are the energetic documentation of each soul’s journey
through time.  This information is also encoded in the cells of the body and is
referred to as cellular memory.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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