One of the first things that I learned when I attended InnerVision, School of
Occult Sciences, in New York City many years ago was the use of
protective White Light.

White Light is the light of the Christ Consciousness.  It is one of the most
powerful forces on the planet and it is available to everyone.  White Light
can be invoked simply by envisioning it in place around yourself, your
family, anyone at all, your possessions or Mother Earth.  When I teach
children to use the White Light of Christ Consciousness, I tell them to
imagine themselves as a light bulb.  That led to them lighting up their auras
and leaving their feet out of the equation, so now I say “the top of a light

The light you envision should be almost blinding in intensity, for that is its
true nature.  The story I was told when I received instructions for invoking
the White Light started out as a typical New York scenario.  A man was
walking through one of the rougher parts of the city’s garment center, a
street filled with trucks and men pushing racks of clothing through the
streets and alleys.  Oddly, the block he was traversing was quiet.  With no
one else in sight, he was suddenly accosted by a mugger.  The man
immediately envisioned the White Light around himself, centering his being
in the knowledge of its protection.

He said later, that he didn’t know where he went while in the White Light,
but he clearly heard the mugger say, “Hey! Where’d he go?”
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I suggest to people that before arising each day, they visualize their family members and ask for the White
Light to surround and protect them throughout the day.  Because it is the Christ Consciousness, you can ask
for it to protect anyone on the planet without your karma being tied to them in the future.  It is important not to I
suggest to people that before arising each day, they visualize their family members and ask for the White ask
for specific results, since that would be imposing your own will on the situation, not asking for God’s will to
function in the life of the person you are concerned about.  

When I learned how to use the Light, I used it everyday.  I created a simple chant to make myself conscious of
it.  The chant is: Great White Light, great White Light, surround me now both day and night.”  When I parked
my bicycle on a street corner, chained it to a light pole, I also chanted for the protection of the White Light.  
When I left my apartment for the day, I infused it with White Light.  I used it whenever I could.

In later years, when I had children, I asked for the White Light to surround them daily.  Perhaps it was karma,
perhaps it was the power of the White Light, but all three of them made it through childhood without any
broken bones, which I am told is a rare occurrence.

A few years ago I had the honor of speaking about metaphysics at the Romance Writer’s of America’s National
Conference.   I taught many of the participants how to use the White Light of Christ Consciousness.  I
suggested they might like to White Light their manuscripts when they sent them to publishers for
consideration.  Five years later, I attended a similar conference in New York and many women stopped me in
the hallways to tell me what a powerful tool White Light had been in their lives.  I was very touched to have
been able to be the instrument of this knowledge for these writers.

People often call me to say they have lost a particular object and don’t know where else they can look for it.  I
tell them to visualize the object and surround it with White Light.  Then I suggest that they draw a cord from the
lost object to themselves and start reeling it in.  Closing the eyes and listening for your inner voice and any
clues the Universe may impart is also a strong component of this technique.  If you do not find the object
immediately, it will likely show up in a day or two.

If there is someone with whom you usually find yourself in conflict, surround them and yourself in White Light.  
This will hold the relationship in a scared space and allow you both to see beyond the surface emotions,
entanglements, and fears.

In addition, you can surround world leaders with White Light, the United Nations, and those who respond to
natural disasters.  Anyone who is in a public position of choice can receive White Light without negative karmic
consequences for the sender.

Lastly, in this time of earth changes, I ask that you consider invoking White Light around the planet as often as
you can.  We all realize that Mother Earth must heal.  On some level, our Eternal Spirits have chosen this time
to be here on the planet to assist in her healing process.  Beyond working with the Circle of Intention
affirmation, adding White Light to Earth Mother as often as possible will help in her healing path.  I know that
we can all help to reduce the severity of the changes by increasing the level of Light around the globe.

We can change the future, one light at a time, one heart at a time.  Spread the Light.
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