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This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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Each Programmed Water has a specific purpose, for healing, balancing, aligning, happiness, loving, and more.  The
energy that creates these powerful vibrations is the energy of the Cosmos itself, the energy of Spirit.  Each one is made
with love and the intention of enhancing and aligning the user with his or her Highest Good.  

Programmed Waters from Cosmic Connections are a powerful aligning modality, not water to be drunk to quench
thirst. Please follow the individual directions on each bottle.  Directions for sipping the contents are on the back of each
bottle.  Up to 3 different varieties may be consumed simultaneously.  

Please feel free to
ask Christina for guidance about which ones would provide the most benefit for you. She is happy
to assist in the determination of which water, or waters,
Spirit suggests for individual use.  Her clients tell her that the
results are quite wonderful that way.
programming water to the forefront of public attention.  The human body is
approximately 70% water, so it naturally stands to reason that powerfully
programmed water will have an effect upon every cell in the body.

Christina has been programming water for many years.  You can see
Aspects' category.

Whatever water you employ, please remember that it is first and foremost
an aid to spiritual transition.   It is not a physical remedy, simply an
unopened bottle of Poland Spring Water that has been subjected to
intense prayer.  If you would like to consult your physician before drinking
the water please feel free to do so, but it is simply water.

Each bottle is meant to last about a week.  You may take up to three types
of water in the same week, vary the time slots if you can, otherwise it is
fine to take them all at once.  Please recycle the bottle as it is not meant
for multiple use.

A.I.M. – This is a 3-part mega remedy.  A=Aligning with All That Is, I=Increasing your spiritual connection to everything, and M=Metatron, meaning the Creative Energy of these
many universes will be called forth as Guidance in your life.  This remedy is available only as a package of 9 bottles and is only for those who are very serious about their spiritual
path.  (Only available upon approval from Spirit.)

Adjusting Focus – for stepping back from the patterns of the past & viewing life from a new perspective.

Aligning Hearts – for couples who wish greater harmony between them, even if separating, or for those who wish to align themselves with the public’s Highest Good.

Alignment with Angels – for those who wish to be more connected with the Angelic Realm.

Alignment with Divine Feminine – to nurture the Goddess Within or to balance one’s masculine energy.  Also should help with PMS.

Alignment with Divine Purpose – a great help to all seekers.

Alignment with High Self – also a very good place to be, especially useful when feeling out of sorts or overwhelmed.

Alignment with Source – the ultimate alignment, it enhances gratitude as well.

Altitude Adjustment – to be used in conjunction with Jet Lag if you are flying to a high altitude location.  If driving, can be used in conjunction with Geomagnetic Balance.  
Allows the body to adjust more easily to high altitude.

Appropriate Maturity – aids in bringing a balance/age appropriate attitude to those who could use a boost.

Awakening Healing Abilities – specially formulated for students of the Healing Path.

Balanced Focus – aids in balancing one’s life perspective, thereby avoiding overload in any specific area.

Balancing Spiritual Energy – helps to soften the pace of awakening so that there is not too much too soon, and prevents an overabundance of one energy over another.

Becoming More – allows each user to become more than they currently imagine.

Centering Dreams -- is useful for those who have fitful or traumatic dreams as it calms and centers the experience.

Deep Sleep Good Work – is specifically for Light Workers who do not sleep deeply.  This water allows them to work effectively during the dream state without hindering their
ability to renew the physical body during the sleep cycle.  It has no specific effect upon daily work or employment.

Diverting Confusing Thoughts – for the times when the mind is on ‘overload’ and needs to be quieted so it can focus.

Dream Recall -- enables the user to recall their dreams on a nightly basis.

Emotional Releasing & Stabilizing – aids in letting go of that which no longer serves, as well as bringing stability to the forefront.

Gratitude Expression – expands the ease of expression of gratitude in the user’s life.

Geomagnetic Balance – for those times when you will spend hours travel by land and need to arrive alert, this remedy aligns the user with the earth energies, lessening fatigue.  
Much like Jet Lag, but for shorter distances.

Grief Relief – for those who find it extremely hard to move on through the normal grieving patterns to closure.  Especially useful in cases of extended grief.

Harmonic Scale – sound healing in water – the body absorbs whatever note or octave it needs.

Healing Acceptance – allows the user to receive the healing energies that are available, rather than hanging on to the dis-ease.

Healing Division – aids in conflict resolution as well as internal issues of separation.

Healing Memories – helps in the process of recreating the past, forgiving, and letting go.

Healing Past Life Trauma – aids in healing emotional wounds from prior lifetimes that impair us now.

Healing the Heart – aids in healing emotional wounds from this life.

Healing Trauma – for physical wounds and the hurts of this life.

Please be sure to look at our second section of SPIRITUAL WATERS and also our BODY WATERS!  Link at top.