Walking Within Worlds
I have a photograph of myself walking through the woods with two friends.  At
first it seems to be out of focus, for you can see four impressions of each of us.  
When you look more closely you are able to discern elements in close proximity
to us that are sharply in focus.

So what’s up?  That was the question that I had for my Spiritual Guides when I
saw the image for the first time.  The photo was taken by a friend who is
psychically gifted, particularly in the area of photography of higher realms.  The
answer that came back to me was that we were “walking through four
dimensions simultaneously.”

Recently someone suggested that I am living much of my life in the fourth
dimension, the Astral plane – the home of much of the world’s chaos.  I know I
left that behind me some time ago, so I began to examine exactly where I am in
the scheme of things.  The photo then came to mind.  I realized that I am not
unique, that many of us are making transitions through the various octaves of
the Higher Dimensions.

This magical time of planetary transition – this time when Mother Earth is also
raising her vibration – allows each of us as individuals to progress in ways that
were rarely possible in the past.  This time the process of ascension is a very
personal one, one in which our bodies are gradually attuned to higher and
higher frequencies of vibration.  Many experience ringing tones in the ears and
for some it has been going on for many years.  Sometimes it is a tune, at other
times it seems to be simply a frequency.  This is preparation – this is part of the
gradual adjustment of each individual’s frequency to a higher level.  Don’t block
it out, accept it and be grateful, it is one of the surest ways to move upward.

But back to the photo.  At first I believed we were all walking through a very
special energetic field and that the manifestation of the multiple dimensions was
a result of the earth energy specific to that locale.  It was indeed teaming with
elemental energies as well as a great deal of Native American - the Lenee
Lenape - presence.  Yet, I now know that the geographic location had little to do
with it.  We are all walking through worlds, all of us who are conscious of our
spiritual journey, and in the words of the vernacular – “working on ourselves.”  
We are transitioning each time we progress spiritually.  Each time we make the
right decision for all the right reasons and align ourselves more fully with God,
we go up a notch.  Our physical bodies are literally part of the ascension
process – they need not be left behind.

So I walk within worlds, as do many.  I believe that I have left the third and fourth
dimensions behind, yet can be fully visible within the third so that I may be of
service to others.  The fourth dimension I visit only during the course of my work
with clients, when the need is great, and never without protection.  I do not want
chaos to follow me home.

I hope that I now live largely in the eighth dimension, the realm of Spirit, for that
is where I am most at home.  Even while writing these words I feel the presence
of my spiritual mentors, Mother Mary, Jesus, St. Thomas Aquinas, and others.  I
am an eighth dimensional being having a third dimensional experience while
moving through the levels of vibration in between.

Put simply, that means is that we are all changing and growing, and there is little
to fear.  If I can move within so many worlds all at once, so can you.

Be at peace, for a peaceful heart knows no fear.  Love, gratitude and
acceptance will get each of us through the coming transitions.  Find your peace
now and begin to pave the way.  It’s all within you.  Walking within worlds is your

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