Personal Consultation Services
At the Circle of Intention we have a variety of Products & Services to facilitate your journey and growth
through Spirit.  It is our aim to give you accessibility to the tools and techniques you need to empower your
journey.  The following are our current offerings.  We also accept
checks and can process both Visa and
over the phone.  Detailed explanations of the following services can be found under the
section named

We are adding a new category at the bottom of the page based on the sales and special rates offered to
those on our email newsletter list.  After discussing your needs with Christina, please choose the payment
button you have agreed upon.  Thank you so much.
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Soul Path Clearance
This work is just as effective over the airwaves as it is in
 Soul Path Clearance is the best place to start your
Spiritual Detox process.  If you wish to experience SPC,
please set up an appointment in advnce by contacting
Christina(at)   A 90 minute session
anywhere in the world is
$225 via the telephone or Skype.  
Emotional Healing Guided Meditation

We have found that when dealing with a particularly knotty
past life memory it is helpful, at the discretion of the client, to
have Spirit guide the release of the cellular memory through
the mechanism of Christina's channeling.  This works best
when one is stuck in a certain perspective, cannot get
through to the past life portion, or has a long-standing
condition that is not progressing toward wholeness.  
Please consult with this channel at

a(at) to determine the number
of layers involved, and subsequently the number sessions.
Available via telephone or Skype for a fee of
$75 per half
, which should enable the clearing of at least two layers
of cellular memory.  
Sky Phone
Aura Clearing
This can be done for anyone, anywhere, any time.  
Permission of those to be cleared is essential, except in the
case of dependents. Please consult with
Christina(at) to determine what needs to
be done prior to payment, as there is no phone time with this
service. An email report will be issued upon completion.  

You may order up to four clearing per purchase.  Feel free to
purchase as many as you wish, the price is
$50 per person
or place.
Unconscious Scripts Release
Unconscious Scripts Release is the second step in the
Spiritual Detox
process that has been channeled by
Christina. Please consult with
Christina(at) to set up an appointment
in advance of payment
.  A typical session will take about 45
minutes and the fee is

Guided Meditations
Number of Clearings
Emotional Healing Session
Quantum Leap Healing
This is the third phase of the Spiritual Detox clearing
process, after
Soul Path Clearance and Unconscious
Scripts Release
.  Quantum Leap Healing is done over the
phone and requires about 45 minutes.  The cost is
Golden Orb Work
This fourth step in the Spiritual Detox process is extremely
powerful.  It comes in two phases, the first is diagnosis as well
as a clearance session, and the second phases is simply
clearance.  The first session, which takes 30 to 45 minutes, is
$115.  Each subsequent session is $50.
Multiple Sessions
Consultations by the Hour
This option is for those who seek Christina's work by the
hour. Use the drop-down menu on the Pay Pal button to
determine how much time you wish to purchase.  Her work
is billed at
$150 per hour.
Multiple Sessions
Here are dollar amounts that coordinate with various specials and types of work that
Christina offers.  Please use these buttons ONLY after you have consulted with her as to the
cost of the session.

$35                          $50

$66                          $70

$85                          $90

$100                        $140

$175                        $200