the WORK
Christina is a channel and a healer and she teaches others how
to access the Divinity Within.  In 1987, she went through a
spiritual awakening which put her on this path.

She has spent many lifetimes preparing for this role and much of
this current life.  A life-long student of metaphysics, Christina's
healing abilities came to the surface as a young woman when she
took her first class in the technique known as
Laying-on-of-Hands.  Shortly thereafter she began her teaching
career, which now encompasses many esoteric disciplines.

As a channel for Spirit, one who consciously connects with Divine
Source bringing words and energy into this reality, Christina is
able to give voice to the loving intentions of
Christ Jesus, the
Holy Mother, and Father God,
as well as other members of the
Cosmic Community.  Through many incarnations she has
experienced the religions of the world and its people, thereby
allowing her to draw upon many traditions.  As do many, she feels
most comfortable within the circle of family, thus her focus is upon
the Holy Trinity, with special emphasis upon
Mother Mary.
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As a subtle energy healer with an international following, Christina works on many levels of being, bringing
peace and healing to souls lost between worlds, as well as to those in need of physical healing in this life. Her
skills address the spiritual causes of dis-ease and dis-harmony within the body, thereby allowing each person
Each process is unique and the willingness of the individual to take responsibility for their own healing is
paramount.  The clearing away of underlying spiritual dis-harmonies paves the way for greater efficacy in any
healing modality that is being employed, from alternative and complimentary methods to mainstream medicine.

The umbrella under which Christina's work falls is called
Spiritual Detox.  It is currently a four step process,
beginning with the technique known as
Soul Path Clearance which clears the records of the soul from time
immemorial to the present.  SPC removes blocks, traumas, patterns of negative behavior, and past life pain
through all levels of being, allowing the
Divinity Within to reshape the future in a more meaningful way.  Her
clients often refer to this process as Divine Dispensation, and since the clearing work is done upon the Master
Level of Being, this is an apt description.

The second step is called
Unconscious Scripts Release, and in this phase of the work there is homework.  
Christina will identify for each client the areas of programming that need to be released, and then it is the
responsibility of the client to employ the method of release through handwriting that is considered the
homework and which completes the process.

Quantum Leap Healing is the third step,  and it works on a Master Level to release trauma and blockages
from the Soul Group, the Physical Family, and the High Self.

The recently developed
Golden Orb Technique is the fourth step in the Spiritual Detox process.  In this
work, Christina identifies educational issues that need to be resolved, connects with the Creator, releases the
programs, adds appropriate affirmations and feelings, and the work is done.  Due to the intense nature of the
work and the amazing changes, each session is limited to one quarter hour, or just a issues which typically
encompasses hundreds of programs.  Some people need only one or two sessions, others need more.  

Since this is a highly individualized process, it is only after the first session, which identifies the number of
issues, that it becomes apparent how many sessions will be needed. It is also possible to clear all the most
intense programs, referred to as Level 10, and then move on to the less intense programs of Levels 8 & 9,
then Levels 6 & 7, next Levels 4 & 5, and finally Levels 1, 2 & 3.  

Generally, when all four phases of
Spiritual Detox are complete 65% of the past life trauma will have been

Golden Orb Technique is a variation of Theta Level Healing and is particularly effective for those who
suffer from extreme anxiety. Other phases of the work help to calm Night Terrors, especially in children.

Christina is honored to be the facilitator of many facets of
Divinity on this earth plane. The work is potent,
life-changing, and real.  It compliments all belief systems and benefits all who come in contact with it.  It is not
necessary for the client to have a specific belief in
Jesus or Mary for the work to be effective.  Those who
step forward are aided immeasurably in claiming their own

Please explore all aspects of this work, as they are listed on the upper left.  You will find it fascinating.  There
are many avenues of participation, from private consultations to classes and public lectures.  Move in the
direction you feel guided to go.

Be sure to look over the offerings in the
Virtual Store, for some of the most tangible and potent work is
offered there, such as the
Programmed Waters, Programmed Crystals, and the Guided Meditation CD's.
Rev. Christina Lynn Whited


Christina has recently found that those who have changed their life dramatically, faced down illness or
disease, or avoided an accident, and survived it all, may be in need of a new overall
If these sound like your circumstances, check in with her and ask if a
warranted.  She will check with Spirit and let you know.  

Christina is able to do this work over the phone or in person.  So far the results have been quite
profound.  Because this takes a deep connection to Spirit, but relatively little time in this dimension, this
service is being offered on a donation basis at this time.  
If your life has taken a major and/or unexpected turn, this may be just what you need.