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This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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I tried the healing where you tell the story...and it actually unfolded for me! It was amazing.  Thank you,T. G.

relevant to an incident that happened when I was 15. And I was able to forgive the person who had hurt me

Twice during the stories I made up I found myself crying. It was amazing....again.  So today is a new day
and all I can say is -- I feel pretty good. And more than anything I feel hopeful.  I have felt this way before
but no sooner found a wall before me to knock me out and down.  I would have to work hard to get that
hope back again. Now I am sure there are no more walls and I am feeling the glory of knowing freedom is
within me and not just some far distant dream.

Thank you! I hope to see you again or be in touch. I would love for my daughter to have this done for her.
She has endured a lot already for a young person. She deserves to be free and have the ability to fly too.
Blessings of Light and Love, Z.


After a recent surgery my grandfather went into a deep sleep, not a coma, and did not wake up.  While
visiting him in the hospital, I did The System on him.  A few moments later his heart rate, blood pressure
and brain waves escalated to the point that the alarms went off on all the machines which were monitoring
him.  That was progress!  One day he even tried to open his eyes after I used The System.  He woke up
after six weeks and is home now.  K. F.

I used it on one of my patients with acute post-surgery pain from the removal of a gall bladder and, quite
frankly, the results were spectacular. Dr. S, chiropractor

I felt an immediate shift in energy the very first time I used THE SYSTEM. Dr. B, psychologist

These moves helped me to walk normally again after I suddenly found myself only able to shuffle a few
inches at a time. M M, mid-seventies

I love it!  It's like a one minute meditation! R. O. in New Jersey

Because of treatment for carcinoma when I was a child, and a second round a few years ago, I had a
depression the size of a pea on the end of my nose where the cartilage had been
destroyed.  The prognosis was continued deterioration of all the cartilage.  One month after beginning
THE SYSTEM, and using The Acceleration Technique with it, the depression is now the size of a grain of
M. E.


I had a pain in my back before we listened to this [in class], and now it's gone!  M.S.

Hi Christina, I just listened to the CD for the first time and what a release! I cried through most of it. Very
powerful. I've felt a lot of shifting and releasing since I saw you. A lot of releasing through the breath.
Thank you. I look forward to attending one of your classes sometime in the near future. Thanks again.
Peace, G.

Hi Christina, My sister gave me the information for your Blueprint of Light. WHAT A GIFT IT WAS!
I had major back surgery on October 12th and was making very slow progress until I started using your
recording. I have trouble picturing the light surrounding me as extending out very far from my body, but I
feel the changes, the release of the negative, and the hope for a speedy recovery each time.  It is part of
my morning ritual now and more often than not, my afternoon ritual as well.  My doctor is pleasantly
surprised at my progress and even though I have a long way to go.  I want to thank you SO MUCH for
supplying such a wonderful healing aid.  I will use it forever.  

Thanks again and I have passed the info on to a dear friend who is battling lung cancer. I will let you know
what she says. All the best, C. M.

I have had back pain for twenty years and it just went away [after one listen in class].  It's amazing!   K.D.