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This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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much love you put into all the details. Your garden is filled with fairies and radiates out such joy, peace
I'm hoping to be at the circle again on Tuesday night. I really enjoyed it last week and felt energized
afterwards. Blessings, K.


Hi Christina, I just have to say that I am just so happy that I came across your site. I just read the piece
"153: Pieces of the Whole" by Mother Mary and it rang so true to my heart and made me feel so at
peace.  All my life, I would collect rocks and hold special pieces close to my heart, don't ask me why. They
were just something special from the earth - creation.  Anyway, your site is beautiful and I look forward to
your mailings. - I am just a bit sad that you are not closer to New York City. Blessings of love, S.

Thank you for your friendship, Christina.  I enjoy the e-mails that you send...your work on the planet...so
positive...thank you. L. S.

I just wanted to say that I love your website and newsletters! I wish I had a church like yours located near
to me. Blessings, S.


My husband and I agree with what my son said when he heard you speak, “That lady knows stuff!”  And
not only that, you bring a warm and normal comfort level to information that would otherwise be a little
scary for us beginners.  Thanks so much, C.


Christina, Thank you so much for all your information and knowledge.  I know that I am often
overwhelmed with all that I am receiving. I have a strong urge to pursue it but the fear sometimes stops me
from moving forward.  Thank you for the programmed water on Moving Through Fear.  The first few sips
brought me to writing this note.  

All of your insight and information is wonderful.  My fear is about moving forward, knowing that I am
capable, but not letting myself surrender to it.  As I grow and move forward with this, I am happy that I
have such a great teacher and guide.  Blessings, R. M.

I have used many of the waters and they are all intense and have very dramatic results.  The customized
water that was made for me has been miraculous, however.  It has helped me to successfully manage a
major agenda with my work and I am very grateful.  M.G.

I have used programmed waters from other sources in the past and felt no effects after drinking two
bottles in a row.  The Cosmic Connections Programmed Waters are so powerful that I stick to the
directions!  They really work!  I feel happier and unstuck when I drink them.   I'm ordering more. D. R.

Joy-Peace-Contentment makes me so happy that I just giggle with delight.  M. S.

I started taking Centering Dreams and I no longer have nightmares filled with existential horror.  They
stopped immediately.  Thanks, Mom.  H. W.

Dear Christina, I would like to first mention that the Programmed Water “Moving Through Fear” is
unbelievable.  I believe that is working so well for me.  Thank you!  R. M.