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You and your Buddy Jesus are an amazing team!  I’m still processing, but everything is already so different, I
feel so calm.  I actually had an unpleasant issue to deal with yesterday afternoon.  Normally I would have been
ballistic, but I wasn’t.  Love & Lightness, J. W.

Its been eight months since my Soul Path Clearance session and a lot of new things have come into my life in
that time. Is it common for people to receive new "guides" after a SPC session? That would explain a lot. I seem
to be on a different spiritual path now.  E. L.

You gave me a reading and cleansing last year. Thank you for all your good work! I wish I lived closer to you so
I could attend your regular sessions.  C. R.

The next day, after my session with Christina, my masseuse said my shoulders were amazing.  I haven’t cried in
forever and I was able to cry during the massage.  What a relief!  Soul Path Clearance really made a difference
for me.  K.P.

Thank you for facilitating the SPC work.  I'm really grateful for all the blessings it brings to my path of service.  
A. L.

I am pleased to share with you the wonderful healing that my son received through Christina.

Daniel, 10 years old, was plagued with bouts of extreme fatigue, headaches and stomachaches from November,
2008 through March, 2009. They occurred on a monthly basis and lasted about a week each time. He was sick
for 31 days in a 4 month period. The fatigue was debilitating. He would sleep for 12 to 13 hours a night and then
be too exhausted to lift his head or even speak. For the balance of each month, he felt fine - played ice hockey,
skateboarded and jammed with his garage band.

Daniel was seen by several specialists, including a rheumatogist and Lyme disease specialist, a pediatric
infectious disease doctor, and a pediatric allergist/immunologist among others. He underwent many blood tests
and urinalyses, the results of which all came back good. The pediatrician diagnosed him with 6 independent
viruses. Meanwhile, I charted the cyclical occurrences of these bouts and received Spirit confirmation that he did
not have a physical illness, although he had physical symptoms. It had become very difficult, however, to find a
doctor who was willing to excuse my son’s absences from school, given the good test results and the medical
doctors’ inability to determine a cause. He was then referred to a gastroenterologist and a psychologist for

At that point, I attended Christina’s monthly gathering, Messages from the Other Side. I shared with her and the
group the difficulties that my son had been having and how it appeared that each bout began approximately two
days before the Full Moon. Within seconds, Christina identified the circumstances surrounding the link between
the Moon and my son’s physical symptoms. I did not realize, however, that not only did Christina identify the
cause at that time, but she also provided healing. It was not until the following day, when talking to her at
another event, that it became clear to me that his healing had already occurred the previous evening. And so it
had! And so it is! I imagine that to those who are unaware of Christina’s ‘diagnosis’ and healing, it may appear to
be an unexplained spontaneous remission of symptoms.

I am ever so grateful to Christina for her insight into my son’s symptoms and for her Divine healing, which
allowed him to return to the life that, for months, he longed for – that of a happy and active 10 year old.
D. S.

From Christina's Case Files:
I was called upon by a Canadian homeopath to remotely assess a 9 year old client with whom he had been
working for two years.  The child had what was called cyclical vomiting.  When he began to treat her at the age
of seven her symptoms were such that she would throw up continuously for one week and then be fine for about
seven or eight weeks.  By the time I consulted on the case she would still be prone to vomiting for the same
length of time, yet the time of no symptoms had compacted to two weeks instead of two months.  This left the
child completely depleted and there were strong fears for her life.

I diagnosed an extreme case of psychic attack by more entities than I have ever found embedded within one
body.  The remedy was to do Basic Aura Clearance, now a part of Soul Path Clearance, on the entire family,
including siblings, parents, and grandparents, and to clear the home itself.  This work also put a shield of
protection around the individual’s aura and around the home so that a similar attack would not happen again.

As soon as the aura was healed the child began to get better.  She has not experienced cyclical vomiting again,
also though she has tossed up her cookies a time or two when under great stress.  It has been three years
since this healing took place and all are amazed.  Her homeopath has said that there is no other explanation for
the healing other than a “spiritual cure.” Last I heard she was trying out for soccer!

I want to thank you for the very interesting and amazing experience I had with you yesterday and Soul Path

I called my daughter on my way home. She told me that earlier, at the time of our session, she had been sitting
outside and felt a presence all around her. She said she also looked up to her bedroom window and saw a
figure that looked like herself looking out the window at her. After a bit she went inside and she realized
immediately that any presence or negative energy that she had been feeling was now completely gone.

Now this may be some little girl's fantasy...or someone who watches too many scary movies (which she does) or
someone who watches mediums on TV (she does all the time)...or it could have really happened...since that was
the time you were clearing me, her and our home.

The other thing I want to say is when we left you we went out to eat. At one point I became so happy out of
nowhere. In fact I felt euphoric and had a feeling that I could do anything and go anywhere (since I used to be an
avid traveler when I was young. My gypsy spirit took me everywhere).  I was flying high and enjoyed it. I am
thinking that I have been bogged down for slow long though trying so hard on my own to let go, let God.  The
release of my session with you was like letting beautiful balloons that were tied up finally go free to fly in vibrant
colors among the heavens.  Z.

Hello Christina, I wanted to thank you for your great help.  I already have the feeling that there is much more
energy and clearness in my system.  Let me tell you that I am deeply impressed by your work and I thank you
very much for that great gift.  Warmest regards and big hug from K. K.              (Europe)

I am like a person from Missouri - I must see it (experience it) to believe it.  What we did works! Thank you so
much.  The house and the whole neighborhood have a different feel.  I feel good driving into it and I feel good
that I am living here. Thanks to you and your wonderful works.  A.W.

Hi Christina, Just wanted to let you know that, our pre-scheduled consultation, which coincidentally fell on the
same day of my brother’s passing, most definitely helped me to eliminate the negative energy blocks which I had
-- associated with fear, anxiety, pain, abandonment, despair, doom, doubt, and panic.  You have also most
definitely helped me to move forward during the most rough, emotional, transitional period of my life and you
have helped me clear the path. Thank you so much again!  Best wishes,  C. M.
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