Clearing the Soul Records from Creation
"Eliminate the Blocks - Release the Burdens"
Private Consultations

Every one of us in a physical body at this time in planetary evolution is
here because we have a mission.  We are here to aid each other in
Divine Plan of saving ourselves and Planet Earth.  To accomplish
this mission, we are best served by holding as much Light as possible,
by letting go of the pains of the past, and by embracing our true
heritage as
Beings of Light.

We have each been here many times.  Yes, there are a few rare
exceptions, those who have only recently chosen to participate in
Earth School, but for the most part we are all experienced in earth
lives.  As such we have all lived through many "educational"
experiences.  Some of these experiences have left painful memories
or emotional imprints upon our souls, and consequently, through our
DNA, upon our physical being.  Our physical vehicles are the reflection
of all that we have ever experienced.  As we release past life pains
and imprints, we gain more Light in this life, allowing our soul, our very
being, to move forward in unexpected ways.
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This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!
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This work is Divinely Guided and completed on another level of being - Christina is simply the facilitator.
Using a checklist of about twenty items, she works through the list in the order that each client needs most.  
Soul Path Clearance as Divine Dispensation.
is the mechanism which aids in releasing the client's psychic baggage from past lives.  This includes vows
taken hundreds of years ago, paradigms that limit spiritual growth, negative contracts and cords, and much
more.  This work not only has a positive impact upon the energetic body, it greatly improves the future as well.  
Most people feel energy shifting and releasing during the session, however, the impact is even greater after a
sleep cycle.  It is important to drink water during the session, to facilitate the changes taking place in the DNA,
and for at least 24 hours afterward.

Basic Aura Clearance for all the members of the household is also included in a Soul Path Clearance
session.  You may read more about that work by clicking on the link.
Basic Aura Clearance

The initial Soul Path work generally takes only one session.  We do suggest that you return for a yearly
check-up, as all the remaining energy reprioritizes.  One year is a sufficient amount of time in between.  You
may also bring a friend with you, to take notes, if you wish.  There is nothing embarrassing about
Soul Path
, some people even bring their mother or another loved one.  A cassette recording of the session is
also provided for you.  If Soul Path Clearance is done over the phone or via Skype, the cassette will be sent
through the mail when the session and related paperwork are complete.

Soul Path Clearance can also be done for dependents.  All children benefit from having their psychic
baggage removed at an early age.  It can be done any time from gestation forward, as long as the child is still
dependent upon the parent.  Obviously, the child need not be present in the room.  Some are too young to
understand, others have no interest, but the results are often quite profound.  It is one of the greatest gifts a
parent can give to a child as it opens the future to new and wonderful energies and possibilities.

Two weeks after your
Soul Path Clearance session, we strongly urge you to consider Unconscious Scripts
.  Further information about this work can be found through this link.  Unconscious Scripts Release

The standard SPC session takes one and a half hours.

SOUL PATH CLEARANCE is available in person, over the telephone or via SKYPE (audio only).  In this manner
Christina is able to be of service to her international clientele.  PayPal facilitates these services for those living
beyond driving distance.  Please email her first to determine the best approach and current rates.

The illusion of this reality no longer has the power
Ever since the Soul Path Clearance I have been
opening up to a lot within myself as well as letting
go of some pretty old dark stuff. I can't believe how
one can be so programmed to certain patterns
and not even be aware of it! Thank you for your
gentleness and for opening the door to
forgiveness within myself. I can't thank you enough.
Love, E. L.

Soul Path Clearance was such an awakening for
me.  I feel so centered and focused now. R.M.

Since our Soul Path Clearance session a lot of
things in my life are changing and growing in such
profound ways. M.S.

I had no idea it would be this much fun! J.G.

Soul Path Clearance was so awesome!  I felt the
difference right away and I can also see it in my
Love and Light, N. V.        

And just a note, after a full nights’ sleep after my
Soul Path clearing last week, the calmness I'm
experiencing is incredible, almost like I'm watching
myself relax for once.  P. G.

Soul Path Clearance was a life-altering experience
for me.  I laughed all the way home!  I don’t know
how long it has been since I experienced that much
joy.  D.R.

Our son has had Night Terrors since he was born.  
After Soul Path Clearance he no longer has them.  
He can now sleep peacefully now, and so can the
rest of the family. C. & F. L.