SPC, it is inspired by this work with Spirit and is the next logical step
Soul Path Clearance has released blocks and trauma from the
Akashic Records.  Just as the individual must take steps to release
cellular memory via the
Emotional Healing Exercise with SPC, so
here must responsibility be taken to finish the healing process and
complete the work.  We call it "homework."

Christina's job is to help you identify the scope of the problem, show
you how to go about releasing it, and guide you through that process.  
A typical session will last about 30 to 45 minutes.

You are being asked to employ
handwriting to transmit your
willingness to release programs rooted in past lives from the depths of
the unconscious mind where they have been unknowingly influencing
your conscious behavior. Christina will guide you, via Spirit, as to the
number of times each affirmation must be written for each Issue of the
various Levels, as well as each area of Oppressive Thought Forms.  
Once the writing is complete the unconscious issue will be resolved
and your conscious mind and heart will be able to make life choices in
a much clearer manner.

Because the Issues that are identified are tightly bound up in your
past lifetimes, it may be unlikely that you will resonate with them.  
Worry not, this is a good thing, but it also means that they are so
deeply embedded that you are not even aware of their influence.  All
the more reason to release them!

As with
Soul Path Clearance, you may notice that you release
energy as you write.  A sigh, a sneeze, a shifting of the shoulders, a
tear - it is all part of the process and recognize it as your body’s way of
telling you that this program of release is working.  When the writing is
complete, you are asked to check back in with Christina to insure that
all the release work is complete.

Please contact her for current rates.
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