Roses for Peace
Christina received this message from Mother Mary in September of 2010.  The image you see below the
words is available to tuck in your wallet as Mother Mary has suggested.  Every time you spend money you
will be able to glance at the image and affirm peace for the world.  Just send a S.A.S.E., business size, to
Circle of Intention, 76 Main Street, High Bridge, NJ 08829 to receive two ROSES for Peace cards.

Life Lesson #277: Roses for Peace

For hundreds of years roses have been associated with me because an enterprising group of
women, dedicated to service, began to make beads from the petals of roses to count their
prayers.  I, however, associate roses most directly with peace.

The beauty of a rose always gives you pause.  In that moment there is peace.  The fragrance of a
rose imbues your entire being with its aroma and in that moment, too, there is peace.  You are
never far from it, for peace is always available, just a thought or a whiff away.

There are times, as humans, when we forget our spiritual core, our innate nature.  We rush
through our errands, shopping for diner, getting the car repaired, dropping off books at the
library, forgetting in the rush that we are essentially spiritual.  The image of a rose may be just
the touchstone you need.  Tuck one in your wallet and remember peace and abundance each
time you shop.  Place one on the sun visor or dashboard of your vehicle and remember the
PEACE OF God each time you drive.  Place a rose on your counter top and cook in peace.  
Wherever you are there is an opportunity to remember peace through the image of a rose.
The more often you remember it, the stronger it will grow – in your life, in the lives of those you
touch, and in the world at large.  

It is so simple – roses for peace.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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Roses for Peace
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