Releasing the Unknown Past
We are all a product of our past experience - yet if we consider past lives part of
the package, much of our own past is unknown to us.  Perhaps we will
occasionally take a class in Past Life Regression, visit a hypno-therapist, or
regress ourselves through meditation and thereby connect with some hitherto
unknown lifetime.  In such situations we receive glimpses, flashes of insight, but
not the entire picture.  It would take more time than we have to give to examine
in detail all the influences from past lifetimes that have an impact on our life
today.  Our past lifetimes are much like the bulk of the iceberg that remains
beneath the water, the most potent portion, yet all we typically see is the tip, the
life we are currently expressing.

With the changing energies of the twenty-first century many new types of
therapies and ways of healing are being developed to address these and other
concerns.  “Energy medicine is the medicine of the new millennium,” according
to Dr. Mehmet Oz.  Those in the holistic and metaphysical communities have
known this for sometime and have been working toward broadening the
spectrum and appeal of those services.

Reaching out to an Energy Intuitive is often the next logical step in any journey
toward wholeness.  If this current life represents only the tip of the iceberg, then
it becomes imperative to find a way to access the hidden realms of past lives
lurking beneath the surface of the mind.

When we make the effort to examine our paradigms and practices, we are often
able to see ways in which we could make better choices.  As we work toward
integrating those new choices into our present experience we often come up
shining on a corner of our consciousness that we didn’t even know was dark
before.  How do we overcome the pattern that got us there, and kept us there, if
we don’t know where it originated?  Therapeutic energy work or intuitive
counseling is often the best place to start exploring the enormous territory that
encompasses our past life history.

Our talents and abilities, those things that seem to come so easily to us, are a
result of practice, practice, practice in past lives.  Difficult relationships are often
the result of creating circumstances in this life that mirror the troubles that have
been experienced before so that resolution can be brought to the relationship.  
Panic attacks of unknown origin are an excellent example of a past life trauma
that has exerted its influence in this life.  Programming, trauma, and energy
blocks from past lives have a tremendous influence on our well-being in this life
and most are well below the surface, hidden within the subconscious mind and
the cellular memory.  Add to that vows to be forever loyal to a certain person,
group, or religious order, and this life becomes a pretty complicated mix of
unknown influences.

It has been found that when as many of these unseen influences as possible
are identified and released, there is a huge shift in the life pattern.   Hypno-
therapists who specialize in Past Life Regression have been proving this for
decades. Other less aggressive ways to accomplish the same release are now
emerging.  One such modality is Soul Path Clearance and its companion,
Unconscious Scripts Release.  Soul Path Clearance eliminates blocks and
trauma from the client’s past lives via the energetic clearing of the Akashic
Records, the records of each soul’s journey through time.  This work is done
through a channel working on the Master Level of Being.  Clients report a
feeling of lightness and a shifting of energy that begins during a simple one-
hour session and continues for the rest of their life.  Their capacity to hold Light
is increased.  Some like to call it greasing the slide of life, others say that so
many blocks are removed it is like riding the luge in the Olympics.

As the burdens of the past are released through Soul Path Clearance, there is
a clearer platform for any additional healing modality that the client may
choose.  If a client has been seeing a chiropractor for years for back problems,
they may find that they feel better after healing a sword thrust to the kidneys in
the 14th century via Soul Path Clearance.  The inciting energy of the trauma is
released and the chiropractor then has only to retrain the muscle, as the
cellular memory of the pain is gone.

After the blocks and trauma have been released from the Records through Soul
Path Clearance, and the client has become accustomed to the feeling of holding
more Light, it is time for Scripts Release.  This is a program whereby the client is
helped to identify various issues in eleven different areas of concern and then
given the tools to affect the release via the ideo-motor response at home.  This
45-minute session is particularly effective for those who seem to repeat patterns
of behavior without conscious thought.  If a client often finds themselves on
autopilot, Scripts Release will be of enormous assistance in helping them to be
more fully present in life.

Once the realization is accepted that everything is energy, it becomes a very
small leap of faith to acknowledge that there must be more to the iceberg than
what it currently in view.  By accessing the subterranean depths of
consciousness and the vault of past lives, we can often get to the core of the
problem in record time.  Releasing the energetic block or trauma beneath the
surface can be a very empowering action.  If the energetic impetus is removed,
a hindrance in physical life will often seem to magically disappear.  Everything is
energy, and the growth of consciousness, the manifestation of desire, the well-
being of the body, are all effected by the energies of past lives that we rarely
get to consider, let alone examine and release.

Acknowledge that there is a way and that way will be drawn to you by the
extraordinary electromagnetic energy that you are.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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