raise the collective vibration.

Meditate - any way you choose.  Explore different methods, but set time
aside to nurture yourself and connect with All That Is on a daily basis.
Ten minutes is enough.

Listen to Music – to fill your life with sound.  Classical and New Age music
both have profound effects on the human aura.  Some love to listen to
women who sing with high, clear voices.  Some people love Gregorian chants.  
Find your niche and employ it often.

Heed Your Inner Voice – it is trying to help.  Your Inner Voice is most often the voice of your Higher Self or
your Guidance.  Whoever it is, if it is suggesting good things, listen.  The more you learn to listen, the more
the lines of communication will stay open.  Spirit never suggests bad things.  Please recognize that help is
needed if negative promptings are coming through.

Give Thanks – daily, frequently, any time you feel moved to do so.  Being grateful to the Universe is really
important and should be part of each person’s daily routine.  

Pray – and talk to God.  It feels good to go beyond gratefulness into one-on-one communication with God.  
Treat yourself.  First thing in the morning and last thing at night are good routines to establish.

Ask for Help – and turn your concerns over to God.  None of us can accomplish everything all alone.  Know
that the Hand of God is everywhere in your life and if you just step back and allow the Universe to flow
energy into your concerns they will be all taken care of in ways that you could not imagine.  

Stay Centered – and connected.  Feel your Self and be at peace within yourself.  It simply takes awareness
and vigilance.  

Maintain Your Integrity – in all that you do, remain true to the highest and the best within your Self.

Experience Life Through Love – not fear.  They are the only two ways to look at the world and to view
your personal experiences.  Choose Love as your lens.

Clean up Your Act – and eliminate behavior patterns that no longer serve you.  It is well worth the effort.  
This includes clutter of your personal space as well as your mind.

Look Behind the Illusion – and recognize that we are living “The Dream” and “Heaven” is the reality.

Help Others When Asked – to do so.  You cannot write the script for another’s life.  They must take
responsibility themselves.  You can “share” information with them when asked, but the choice is always theirs
to proceed or remain stuck.  You may ask if they need help as well, perhaps they don't know how to ask.  
The most important part is to lead by example.

Trust All That Is – because All That Is is ultimately all we have.

Release Fear and Judgment – they are low vibrational energies and unworthy of all that you are.  
Recognize that Spirit works in the lives of each person according to Divine Plan and honor the pace of the

Honor and Respect All Paths and Life Forms - as you would wish to be honored.  There is more to life
than we can fit into one limited paradigm, so don’t put limits on your acceptance.

Be Responsible for Your Thoughts – they have energy and are much like your children going off to
experience and create in this Universe on a moment by moment basis.  Make sure you send only positive
thoughts, as what you send is truly a vibrational boomerang.

Balance and Laugh – to keep your life flowing.  Laughter keeps the positive energies circulating through
your physical body and balance keeps the lines open to your etheric body.  It’s a good thing.

Count Your Blessings – many times a day.  This has been a very positive experience for many and is
highly recommended.

Remember Your Source – as a creation of the Mind of God.

                      MAY  PEACE BE WITH YOU ALWAYS
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