I was in denial for many years.  I wanted to believe that the history of therefore
more powerful to me, than my inherited genetic history.  The Universe was
snickering at that one.

Over the past several years I have had a number of clients who were deeply
impacted by the history of their family.  They either felt they needed to make
up for some transgression committed by a distant relation, or they keenly felt
the victimization of prior generations.  There was no getting around it, I had to
face the presence of inherited memory in others, and therefore within myself.

The result of that exploration is
Quantum Leap Healing.  In this work we
address wounds and issues to the ancestral lineage, the soul group lineage,
the aspects of self that have been left behind, attachments outside of the
range of aura clearance, and many other subtle issues and wounds to the
High Self.  If you are ready for the next level of healing, after
Soul Path
and Unconscious Scripts Release, this is it!

Quantum Leap Healing does not require that you be present for it to be
effective.  In fact, this is one of the situations in which I feel the less you know
the better.  There is no need for you to learn about an ancestor three
hundred years ago who murdered his neighbor and made off with his wife.  
Putting any energy there other than forgiveness, such as curiosity, will only
hold the energy pattern longer and pull something akin to it into play once
again.  So at your request for help via a
Quantum Leap Healing session, my
Cosmic Crew and I go in to assess what needs to be done, and we do it.  It is
much like calling in a professional cleaning crew to get into all the corners of
your home, you know it will get done and there is no need to know where they
found all the cobwebs.

Quantum Leap Healing we work with the physical, energetic,
mental/emotional, intuitive, and spiritual bodies, clearing issues that have a
bearing on your life, but are not related to your personal business, they are
inherited baggage.  Personally, I felt lighter, brighter, and happier after my
Quantum Leap Healing session.  Once again I work with a chart and identify
the areas of trauma with numbers only.  Spirit may indicate that you have only
three Lost Soul Parts on level 4 and no elsewhere, and yet you may have
multiple wounds on each of the five levels related to Ancestors.  A report will
be issued to you when the work is done, so that you can see the scope of the
work completed.  If there is a need for your interaction, we can address it via
phone or email, as occasionally someone may be asked to participate directly
in the healing process.

In the instance of a family
Quantum Leap Healing, individual reports would
be sent for each member of the group.  Just let me know via phone or email if
this work calls to you.  We will also review the report via the telephone.

Rates may vary according to the number of people involved.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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