In the course of my work, Soul Path Clearance, I look at etheric scar tissue
within the aura.  These scars and bruises are the result of unresolved
emotion relative to past life traumas and death blows.  One of the most her
legs broken in a lifetime in Mesopotamia. In that life she was forced to earn
her living, as many women have had to do throughout history, on her back.  

She was often seen on the fringes of the marketplace, plying her trade among
the caravans.  She had a strong independent streak and did not want to be
beholden to a man, or several men, who would try to remain a constant in her
life.  For her purposes, nomadic traders were the perfect choice.  

One night a caravan arrived from Ethiopia, bringing with it a group of lusty
young men on their first trip outside their homeland.  Trade was good that
night, with a good deal of coin coming into her hands.  As the last man left her
makeshift tent, the woman noticed that one more man hung back beneath the
shadows.  Beckoning him forward, she began to engage in her usual
negotiations.  This man was different, however, for he had no intention of
paying her for her attentions.  Instead, he brutally beat her, breaking both her
legs below the knee, and then raped her and left her for dead.

In this life she finds it hard to remain in a committed relationship, hard to walk
long distances, and hard to bargain.  Her energy flags when she must remain
on her feet all day.  Her personal relationships are few and far between, and
she rarely haggles over the price of goods, even if haggling is expected.

When testing her energetic field in this life, I found that her life force, or chi,
stopped flowing just below her knees, and then reversed itself down through
her feet.  This is an indication of a major blockage and the need for healing
through forgiveness.  Reiki, Healing Hands, Sound Therapy, many different
types of energy work will help the problem, but the root cause must also be
addressed through self-forgiveness.

As an adjunct to Soul Path Clearance, Spirit has given me the Emotional
Healing Technique.  It is a meditation based upon a seven-step formula that
brings forgiveness to all involved.  The Emotional Healing Technique will aid
the user in releasing the bottleneck of energy that the memory of the original
trauma has caused within their DNA.  By using this meditation, the DNA can
be cleared in a matter of moments, thereby creating a clearer platform for any
healing modality in use in this lifetime.  Follow the links to the SELF HELP
section to see the Emotional Healing Technique.

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