Personal Kinesiology Testing
for Thanksgiving Dinner
there at the top of the list.  Thanksgiving has always been about comfort for
me, about spending time with my family in a nurturing environment, about all
the wonderful aromas and tastes that I've known all my life, about cooking and
baking, and consuming far too much food.

When I was a teenager, I remember quite clearly that I always got so tired that
I needed to take a nap after dinner, usually right in the middle of doing the
dishes.  I now know that I had eaten too much turkey and all that tryptophane
kicked in to make me very tired indeed.

Now I moderate what I eat, and by using Personal Kinesiology, I've found that I
can be even more discriminating than ever before.  

Whether you are served buffet style or you pass all the dishes around the
Thanksgiving Day table, you will likely always be in a position to have one
hand free to do the testing.  For this situation I like to use the two-finger
technique of pressing the middle finger upon the cuticle of the index finger, as
it can be done quite subtly under the cover of the table or tablecloth, beneath
a napkin, or at your side if you are standing in the buffet line.

I test to see which foods are not only compatible with my energy field, but also
which ones are in alignment with my Highest Good.  By this I mean I'm asking
my body if a particular food will help me to be stronger, healthier, more fit.  
For many years a standard at our Thanksgiving table was scalloped oysters.  
I loved them as I love any type of seafood, so I would always take a generous
portion.  Now I know that they may not test well for me, not only because I am
sensitive to the gluten in the white crackers with which my family made them,
but also because the oysters themselves may not be an energetic match for
me.  I will pass on the scalloped oysters this year.

I also test for portion size and for compatibility with the other foods I'm
choosing.  This is more important than you may realize, as various foods can
have interactions that slow the digestion, require different enzymes, or create
gas when in contact with each other in the midst of the digestive process.

We all know that fruit is converted to sugar very quickly in the body, so you
could consider starting with dessert.  This perhaps is not a practical solution,
but it is one that definitely tickles the funny bone.  Barring that, leave time
between the main meal and dessert, time enough for the digestion process to
get well under way so that the fruit sugars of all that apple pie will not sit and
ferment within your intestinal track.  You can test how long you should wait
fairly accurately in advance by using your Personal Kinesiology skills.  In my
family it takes about two hours to clear the table and clean up, then it's a good
time to sit again and have dessert.

If you are in charge of the feast, use your skills beforehand to make sure that
your menu is compatible for and with everyone attending.  Write it out on a
paper - your menu in one column, your guests in another - and then ask if
your plan is an energetic match for those in attendance.  You simply go down
the list guest by guest to find the information you seek, and then adjust the
menu accordingly.

If you wish for no time delay between dinner and dessert, other than clearing
the table, use your Personal Kinesiology to determine what types of desserts
would be best suited to the menu and your guests.  Maybe pumpkin pie will
stay on your list, because it is a vegetable, but the apple pie your family is so
fond of will have to wait for later in the day.  Check and see what the results
are for your particular group.

My family has come to expect some variation on the classic menu when the
Thanksgiving rotation comes to my house.  I like to think it keeps them on
their toes and makes for a more memorable time.  Do I reveal that Personal
Kinesiology is my secret tool?  Absolutely not!   I let them think it's strictly a
result of my love of variety and good food, and perhaps all those hours of
watching the Food Network.

I hope you will use your Personal Kinesiology skills to have a happy and
energetically compatible Thanksgiving!

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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