Ninety-five Percent
Ninety-five percent of our experiences in this life are related to our past lives.  
be put to rest.

We have all chosen to be here at this time in planetary history to be of
service.  As Servants of the Light, we have each decided that we would heal
as much of our personal past life history as possible.  That is the reason why
many of us in the metaphysical field have led rather tumultuous lives – we
came into this life to clear things up, both for ourselves and for others.

We have all had our fair share of traumas in past lives and we carry those
unrecognized  and painful memories into this life.  Though we may not be
consciously aware of why we feel intimidated by Uncle Charlie, or why we shy
away from long treks on mountain trails, or why being in small dark spaces
gives us the willies, there are undoubtedly past life traumas that make all of
these feelings and behaviors valid and understandable.

Part of my job as a channel and a healer is to facilitate a healing modality
called Soul Path Clearance.  This is done through the Akashic Records, the
energetic recording of each soul’s journey through time.  Cellular memory is
the bodily counterpart of your Akashic Record.  It is a part of you - spiritually,
emotionally, energetically, and physically.  Through accessing an individual’s
past life history, the Soul Path, my spiritual guidance team and I are able to
clear energetic bottlenecks in one’s DNA.  Every cell in your body contains
this DNA, which in turn carries the memories of everything that ever happened
to you in all your many and varied lifetimes.  

For example, imagine there was a clamp on an artery and life-giving blood
was not allowed to flow into the hand.  Soon the movement of the hand would
be impaired - lessened because of the lack of life force.  It is the same with an
energetic bottleneck.  Once the pain of the past is removed through Soul Path
Clearance the life force can flow more freely.

Through a deep and thorough analysis of the Akashic Records energetic
bottlenecks are removed.  This is typically a massive clearing of etheric
energy.  Clients usually experience a shift by sighing, laughing, crying,
sneezing, or some other release.  They are encouraged to drink plenty of
water, both during the process and for the remainder of the day.

By clearing the energetic charge behind unresolved traumas and
relationships, the work creates space within the matrix of the DNA for more
Light.  Holding more Light, and therefore less emotional charge, allows each
of us to step back and view the events and currents in our lives from a more
objective perspective.  Rather than reacting as we would have done prior to
Soul Path Clearance, we are able to assess the situation and move forward
pro-actively.  Taking charge of our interactions in this manner means that
unconditional love comes into play more readily as understanding and
forgiveness flow into our being and our life circumstances.

As an example, one of the most meaningful categories of SPC is Vows of
Limitation.  If a couple was married in the 1800’s, you can easily assume that
the woman vowed to “love, honor, and obey” her husband.  She did not add
“for this lifetime only” to her promises.  Yes, perhaps she said “until death do
us part,” but that’s not very exact, especially if life brings them back together
this time around.  If her husband dominated her in the 1850’s and is now her
boss, she will find that she is apt to be taken advantage of once again,
because of that vow.  Other workers in the company may come and go, glad
to be out of his range, yet year after year she doggedly hangs in there, taking
untold amounts of emotional abuse and never working up the courage to
make a change.  Once Soul Path Clearance has eliminated the Vow of
Limitation, she will breathe more easily and be able to step back from the
relationship to assess the patterns and make different choices.  

Other types of vows are also addressed via Soul Path Clearance, including
those of poverty, silence, chastity, and suffering.  These vows often have a
profound influence upon our relationships, even when we don’t remember that
we agreed to them in the distant past.

Soul Path Clearance takes the fear out of life.  It gives us courage and faith to
move forward and it also gives us a means to forgive ourselves for the
choices that we made in the past.          

An inherent part of Soul Path Clearance is the use of the Emotional Healing
Exercise.  It can be found at  
Whenever you are feeling dis-harmonious in any way - physically, spiritually,
emotionally, or mentally - you can use the Emotional Healing Exercise to get
to the root of the concern.  Working with your High Self, you will be guided to
a lifetime in which the dis-harmony began.  You will then proceed through the
forgiveness steps to heal the cellular memory.  There may be many layers of
trauma that need to be addressed, as typically we are creatures of habit and
we do the same things over and over again.  Each use of the exercise takes
only a few minutes - perhaps five, maybe ten if the scene unfolding in your
mind’s eye is particularly complex.  You may do several in a row or you may
wish to absorb the implications of one and wait before proceeding to another
layer.  The choice is yours.  You can use this exercise even if you have not
had Soul Path work done; it is a valuable tool for everyone.

During Soul Path Clearance we also check each person in the household for
any form of psychic attack, or unwanted influences from outside sources.  We
are primarily concerned with the person for whom we are doing the work, but
we also wish for them to abide in a psychically clear home, therefore we
assess and clear everyone living in the same environment.  All forms of
psychic attack are cleared and then a protective vibration of White Light is put
into place.  

Soul Path Clearance cleans out the creepy corners of the soul, the parts of
our being that we have not penetrated deeply enough to fully see.  The
energy is cleared via Spirit and we don’t even have to go into that place of
shadows any more.  Should we choose to venture into it, the shadows will not
have the emotional charge they once would have had, as we will see them
from the viewpoint of the objective observer.

Spirit has said that Soul Path Clearance is a modality that greases the slide of
life.  It helps each person to move forward in the Light, more present and
radiant, than ever before.  Those who have been through the process say
they feel as though they are on the luge – moving ahead at the speed of
Light.  If you feel that you would like to be rid of the roadblocks and unseen
barriers in your life, please consider Soul Path Clearance.

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