MUSIC of the
that we hold here twice a month, she happened to mention the Music of the
Spheres.  Sometimes things happen to me, and like all of us, I simply accept it
and move on, forgetting that I have the opportunity to look more deeply into
the subject.  This was the case with Music of the Spheres.  

A few years ago, a friend took a photo of several of us walking through the
woods, which you will see when you click through, and it shows the musical
notes quite clearly.  

This is the image, taken by Celia Tiberio, of my friends and I walking through
an area that is rife with inter-dimensional portals.  You may be able to see that
there are about four layers to my shoulders, indicating four levels of reality
intermingling at the moment the photo was taken.

When I looked closely at the picture, it was obvious that the white things
descending from the sky in the early evening gloom were in perfect focus.  I
asked Spirit what they were, I was told "Music of the Spheres."  Other photos
taken at the same time show the darkness of the woods as the sun was going
down, so all the light you see in this photo is the result of capturing those
notes on film.

I thought that was it.  I never took it any further.  I thought we had managed to
capture a precious moment outside of time in that image.  Mother Mary
recently led me to the knowledge that I was wrong.  The Music of the Spheres
is always there!

We are vibrational beings, bundles of energy.  That energy becomes focused
into physical reality through sound and light.  We are each unique
combinations of sound and light, each one of us different from the other, yet
all within the structure of a similar paradigm - that of the human being.  
Everything around us, all physical matter, is made up of sound and light
responding to preset paradigms; paradigms we all agreed upon when we
decided to incarnate in this world.

I suspect that nearly everyone has heard that we need Vitamin D, that it only
comes from the sun, or a pill, as our bodies cannot manufacture it without
direct sunlight.  We are therefore urged to go out into the sunlight for at least
15 minutes daily, to make sure that our supply of this vital nutrient is

A few weeks ago, Mother Mary told us that it is also necessary to be outside in
order to receive the energy of the notes of the Music of the Spheres.  She
suggested that we spend at least fifteen minutes outside with our heads
uncovered each day.  No standing under a porch roof is allowed, as the notes
fall straight down, as you can see in the photo.  As beings comprised of sound
and light, we need exposure to both elements for our maximum well being.

Please note that this advice should not be contrary to common sense.  If it is
snowing or raining, or the wind is lashing everything in sight, please do not
feel that you need to expose yourself to that to get your daily dose of energy.  
Wait until the elements have settled, and then go out when it is comfortable.  
The good news is that the energy of sound is available even at night, so you
are not bound by the hours of daylight for your sound quota.

I have found that recently, even in the midst of winter, it is exhilarating to be
outside with my head uncovered.  As a former hat designer, that is a BIG
concession on my part!  If I am feeling the least bit 'off' I will still wear a hat,
but I will turn my face to the sky to catch as much of this wonderful energy as
possible.  Doing so during the daylight hours counts double - multi-tasking
made easy!

Sound and Light, the most basic components of our being, are free to us all to
recharge our batteries whenever we wish.  Take advantage of all Spirit has to
offer and offer your thanks to the Creator for these gifts.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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Photo Credit: Celia Tiberio
A Crystal Bowl Concert
at our School.

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