Life Lesson #91:Kisses

A kiss has long been a symbol of affection among all beings living on this beautiful
planet.  The tender kiss of a parent to a newborn child is often the first kiss we encounter
on this earthly walk.  As we grow we are encouraged to participate in the giving or
receiving of a kiss from those relatives and friends who long to dote upon us.  As
adolescents we experiment with our awakening sexuality through kissing.  During
adulthood the tables turn once again and we often become the bestower of the first kiss
to our own newborn child.

Kissing is part of the cycle of life.  It is an expression of the connectedness of all beings.  
Those who watch over dogs and cats in their homes often exchange kisses with their

A kiss is an outward manifestation of spiritual affection, of connectedness.  It is a
physical act that brings forth heartfelt sentiment.  It is love made manifest.

Whether this love reaches its ultimate expression as a kiss is really the choice of the
giver, and sometimes the receiver, but the emotion is no less valid.  I ask you now, my
children, to send your kisses out into the universe.  Send small thoughts of love and
gratitude outward from your heart to whoever may be in need.  There are many.  Ask the
angels to carry your kisses to any who are in despair.  Send your kisses, your little
thoughts of love, to the natural world around you.  Extend your love to the stars, to the
other fields of energy made by the Creator.  Recognize that you, too, are constantly
receiving this same loving energy, as you are a star far beyond someone else’s galaxy.

All That Is is far more than you can imagine, and yet it is an integral part of you, as you
are part of it.  Send and receive thoughts of love, kisses of gratitude and affection, for
truly, you will simply be loving all the parts of yourself.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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