Thoughtfulness is at the heart of your spiritual growth and should be of primary concern
to you.  As you move through your day, examine each action for its consequences, be
thoughtful in what you choose.  Once you have made a choice, take a moment to see
how it feels, both physically and emotionally.  Your decision should feel good in both
aspects of your being.  It should not simply make you happy for a moment, but rather it
should make your physical body, the vehicle for your Divinity, feel vibrant and balanced.

If your choice does not enhance all aspects of your self, then I ask you to think again.  If
you are facing a fear, and wish to overcome it, project your thoughts to the outcome,
beyond the act that brings you there, and examine the feelings.  Thoughtfully approach
this healing process and understand that the reward of freedom from prior limitation is a
very wonderful thing.  Your thought projection to this reward should sing through your
body and make you giddy with delight.  Conquering fears does wonders for your

I do not urge you, however, to make a list of your fears, as some teachers ask you to do.  
This is placing your attention where you do not want it to go.  Through the Law of
attraction all your fears will begin to manifest so that you may face them down.  Although
the process seemed to begin in thoughtfulness, you are much better off using your
thoughts to manifest good in your life.  Let the normal flow of life take care of your fears.

If you use the self-test of feeling good about choices, you will recognize that a list of
imitations does not feel good.  Far better to concentrate on what you do want, without
limitation, and acknowledge how wonderful that makes you feel.

As you practice thoughtfulness it will become an automatic response in each situation
you face.  You will rapidly run your choice past your feeling center and know instantly if it
is the right choice for you.  Some choices may be wrong choices initially, but right ones
at another time.

If you are not always making choices that feel good to all aspects of your being, then I
ask you to slow down and apply thoughtfulness to your life.  If you are not living the
joyous, abundant life you desire, then apply thoughtfulness to all your decisions.  
Life on Planet Earth is meant to be lived in joy.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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