Church Portals Mend

My channel laughs at my titles, my dear ones, but they have meaning and resonance
beyond mere words.

When a church is created in your world it becomes a portal for prayer, an open line of
communication between those who visit there and the Realms of Light.  Great cathedrals
are built to inspire and glorify that deep connection with Spirit, and yet it can be felt
within the humblest abode as well.

A portal is a doorway, in this case an inter-dimensional doorway, with a marvelous
security system and what you would term a hotline, a direct pathway to God, to the
Realms of Light.  The portals which are created within sacred spaces are there
specifically to aid each person who chooses to use the portal to heal, to mend some
aspect of their life.  If all were in perfection within the context of each individual life there
would be no need to continue to experience humanhood.  Since we are all working
toward perfection, whether acknowledged or not, there is always room for growth and
healing, for mending.

Make use of those church portals, my children, and give your prayers flight.  Any church,
any sacred space consecrated to God, has portals to the Realms of Light, what some call
heaven, as part of their energetic matrix of the space.  The power of so many shared
prayers and ceremonies over the many, or few, years of the structure’s existence creates
a vibratory field as well.  Step in a church and add your prayers to the whole, send your
energy, your intention, your words, flying through the church portal and feel your heart
and your life begin to mend.  Strengthen your connection through these wonderful
systems available to all.  Know that these portals are tools you may freely use, not a
commitment to dogma, but a way to empower and connect.

Blessings to you on your flight.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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