Life Lesson #267:  Jarring

There are many jarring things in this world, my dear ones, things – situations,
encounters, information – that crop up unexpectedly and compel us to change.  In most
cases it is only the surprise factor which creates the jarring effect.  If you knew in
advance that upon a certain day you would be led to a piece of information that would
change the course of your life, you would be less surprised, less jarred, when that
information arose.

When you attended school, at any age, you always expected to learn something new, for
that was the purpose.  Rarely was the information so life-altering that it jarred you, rather
each day you knew your consciousness and your body of knowledge would expand.  
Growth and change were assured, only the pace was unknown.

Your schools and colleges are only a reflection of what we affectionately refer to as Earth
School.  Everyday the Universe hands you lessons.  Every day you are asked to grow
and change and expect more.  And every day you are asked to take responsibility for the
co-creation of life, of your life, of life for all.  For as you consciously create thoughts and
attitudes each day you create a magnetic field of energy around yourself which the
Universal Creative Force automatically responds to in kind.  It is the act of conscious
creation that eliminates the jarring effect.  And in consciously creating your own life and
your own patterns of growth, you send out ripples of energy that affect others, ripples
that affect the world.

Please, my children, take your job as a co-creator seriously.  Do not be jarred by the
response of the Universe to thoughts you created through lack of intention.  Rather take
control of your thoughts, your life, your growth as a conscious co-creator with All That Is.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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