Talking to Please Yourself
Life Lesson #261: Talking to Please Yourself

Develop the habit, my dear ones, of talking to please yourself.  Utter the words that make
you feel centered and loved and hopeful.  Some call these words mantras or affirmations
or blessings, the name matters not, what matters is putting sound to thought.

Your thoughts are vibrant notes in the universe, an energetic signature if you will, part of
the song of your soul.  When you speak out loud it is like having a microphone and
amplifier at your disposal, your notes have more power.  Many times I have urged you to
dream big dreams, now I ask you to state them out loud.  Talk to please yourself.  Do it
when you are alone in your room, sing in the shower, talk to the trees.  The Universe will
respond.  Set your intention and give it voice, give it power, imbue it with feeling by
turning up your amplifier.

Hiding your dreams within your heart does not create as much energy as actually
speaking those dreams.  Dream big, define with positive purpose, and start talking to
please yourself.

I ask you, also to be wary of negatives.  Do not define your dreams by what you do not
want to attract.  You would not describe yourself as not having brown hair if your hair is
red.  You would not say that your eyes are not blue if they are green.  In the same way I
ask you to dream what you do want, not what you wish to avoid.

Giving definition to that which you do not wish to happen gives it energy, allows it to
sing discordant notes in the song of your life.  Instead, sing clear and true, my children.  
Allow your song to soar to the stars, and start by talking to please yourself.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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