Being the Peace
Life Lesson #260: Being the Peace

Being the peace you desire in the world, my children, may seem an illusive goal with all
the distractions of modern life.  Yet it is more necessary now than ever before.
Your conscious participation throughout the day, each and every day, is so very
necessary.  The world moves closer each day to a global consciousness of peace, and
yet it begins, and is sustained, within each heart.  It is truly worth all the effort you put
towards it each time you choose to react through love, not fear.

The companions of peace are love and harmony.  These are good things - comforting,
harmonious or peaceful.  In making the very personal choice to live in peace you are
choosing to live a balanced and harmonious life.  Your peaceful energy affects those
around you and creates a greater circle of peace than you can imagine.  Choosing peace
for yourself means you choose peace for many.

Individual actions affect the whole, the consciousness of the masses.  Mahatma Gandhi,
Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, are all modern examples of individual effort affecting the
whole.  Rosa Parks did not mean to cause such an uproar; she only wanted to remain
seated in peace, not change the world.  Yet the ripples, the circles of influence, resulting
from her actions created a better world for all.

I urge you, my dear ones, to begin today to be the peace you wish to see in the world.  It
is worth all the effort.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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