The Purpose Shift
Life Lesson #257: The Purpose Shift

There are times, my children, when a shift will occur in your purpose.  Your ultimate goal
always remains the same but the pathways taken to attain it may vary from your original

The shift may, at times, cause you to feel that you have strayed too far from your course,
that the ultimate goal is no longer within reach or within sight.  And, yet, I tell you, it
remains.  It vibrates fully in your future, just as it always has, drawing you forward like an
enormous magnet.

You face many choices and many opportunities each day of your life.  As you sort
through each option be sure to take the time to feel it.  Get a sense of how your body
feels in reaction to the idea and then how it feels toward the possible outcome.  Project,
feel, assess.  Your purpose will draw you toward the right choice, the choice that feels
best.  There may be leaps of faith required along your path.  You may be destined to be a
healer yet drawn to study art.  On the surface it would appear that a purpose shift has
taken you off course, but that is probably not the case.  In the study of art you open the
mind to the creative energy of the universe, increasing your connection to Spirit,
developing your instincts, and learning how to think outside the box.  These are all
qualities that are essential in one who truly aids in the healing process.

So should the purpose shift phenomenon seem to present itself in your life test it with
your core, your feelings.  It is rare for a pathway to Divine Purpose to be so straight and
sure that it is without curves and loops.  Know that there is delight, and purpose, within
the twists and turns, within the shift, and learn to embrace every aspect of life you
choose.  Divine Mind is always working with you, moving you toward your goal.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!
Roses for Peace
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