How Right
Life Lesson #250: How Right

How right it is, my children, to accept the paths of others, the differences among people.  
Each person’s journey, each country’s or culture’s journey, is their own.  Each path is
Divinely Guided to provide the lessons necessary to the spiritual growth and
development of the individual as well as the whole.

You choose to be born into a particular set of circumstances to be able to receive
individual as well as group instruction.  So did everyone else have the same opportunity
to choose.  How right it is to honor their choices.

In honoring the life choices made by another we do not impose our views upon them,
but rather wait until we are asked for advice.  Forceful conversions from one religion or
ideology to another has not worked well for large masses of people, nor does it work
well one-on-one.  The public relations backlash reverberates throughout history.

It is right to honor the choices of another without instruction unless asked.  If someone
truly is open to change then they will seek guidance from whatever source feels
appropriate.  Let God work through and for them – it is not your work to course correct
another without permission.  Know the boundaries of your path and of the pathways of

And know, my children, to the very depths of your soul, how right it is to honor the path
of another.  Judge not, trust in the Creator’s love to guide each journey for the Highest
Good of the soul.

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