Phases Don't Tromp
Life Lesson #246: Phases Don’t Tromp

Most phases in life, my children, don’t tromp through your daily existence, but rather flow
gently through time.  It is only in looking back that we are able to perceive that what has
been experienced has been but a phase.

All of life is a series of phases, one influence after another, one challenge after another.  If
you watch carefully and analyze the intuitive information that you receive, you will
recognize a gradual building toward any phase you enter.  There are always signs -
sometimes they simply aren’t heeded.  Dis-ease rarely comes in a flash - rather it builds
over time.  It is possible to ignore the signals, both intuitive and physical, and have the
awareness of the dis-ease hit like a thunderbolt, but the warning signals are almost
always there.

In looking back we wish that we had been more sensitive to the signals and this should
be taken as a lesson for the future.  Your physical body should feel wonderful, loose,
comfortable and vibrant.  Anything less is an indication that you must pay closer
attention.  Do not allow a phase of dis-ease and healing to tromp into your life.  Be aware,
bring yourself back into harmony, and eliminate the extremities of the lesson.

Body, mind, and Spirit are one, therefore a dis-harmony experienced in the physical
body first began in the spirit, then progressed to the mind when it was ignored.  Further
denial moves the disharmony into manifestation within the physical body.  Awareness of
the second stage prevents the third, and even more importantly awareness of the first
stage prevents the second and the third.

Each phase of your life, your learning, your healing, has indicators, early warning sings.  
Your phases don’t tromp into your life unannounced, rather they build to a crescendo if
ignored.  Increase your awareness, ramp up your sensitivity and all will be well.  It has
ever been so.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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