America Heals
Life Lesson #240: America Heals

America, my children, heals from within, just as each being does.  In order to fully heal all
the debris, the grit and the toxins, must either come to the surface and be cast out or
they must be flushed away internally.  Every system is designed to work in this manner.

You have seen this happen in many ways throughout history.  It happens on small
scales and on larger.  The story of Noah and the ark is an example.  Your world is moving
toward a time of peace and America is on the leading edge of this movement.  Just as
you see more evidence of peace and Light each, so, too, will you see more that needs to
be healed.  As the healing of the collective consciousness continues even more aspects
of disharmony will be brought to the surface.  Some of you may feel compelled to be a
force for social change, working within the existing systems or creating new social
paradigms.  Some may feel the need to volunteer or create a personal network of caring.  
And some of you may simply hold the Light for others and add your prayers to the
collective consciousness.  Each road is worthy and each is necessary at this time.  
America will heal through the efforts of her people, working individually and together,
toward common goals.  This is a time when you are being called to be of service, for you
chose to be in a body, to have a life, at this time in the planetary evolution specifically to

Pray for the peace and healing of America everyday and then expand it to global peace
and healing.  You are part of the plan; your prayers and your Light are part of the plan.

Be not discouraged when more elements and issues rise to the surface, for you know
they must in order to heal.  Imagine instead that Light is flowing into the space in
consciousness which was held by whatever disharmony is being flushed out.  America
heals through your prayers, your intentions, and your love.

It is your work and your destiny because it was your choice.  I know that you can do it,
my children, and I know that you will.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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