Life Lesson #230: Solace

I bring you solace, my children, for your sorrows.  There are times when even the best
among us, even the most stoic, experience loss.  Know that it is natural to mourn, even
necessary.  It is part of the path you have chosen in being human, part of the Earth
School curriculum.

And yet loss is a transitory illusion, part of the paradigm of separation.  You each know
deep with that there is no separation, only Oneness, and within that Oneness there is no
loss, only unending, all-encompassing love.

What you mourn is the individualized expression of God as a being of a certain
vibration.  You attach significance to the body, but it is the soul that is the aspect with
which you truly resonate.  And the soul never dies.  The soul moves from one
embodiment to another, from one dimension to another, constantly experiencing more,
seeking more knowledge and growth in the quest for reunion with Oneness.

Your loved ones are always near for they, n their highest and best aspect, are immortal,
just as you are.

Please, my children, take solace in the knowledge of life everlasting.  Know that the
Divine Plan has unfolded in each life just as it should, even when those lives have been
cut short or ended brutally.  Those choices were made long ago by that soul to
accelerate the growth of their own spirituality.

Remember, too, that physical life is the ultimate illusion and death merely the doorway
back to the true reality of the soul – life eternal.

Love survives all transitions of the flesh.  Take solace, my dear ones, in the immortality of
the soul and in the love that never dies.

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