Mirrors, my dear ones, are an essential part of life, and I am not speaking of those made
of glass.  We are each mirrors for each other and the alikeness is not always comfortable,
but it is always necessary to our continued growth.  

Some mornings the image that greets you in the bathroom mirror is not the best.  Sleep
deprivation, lack of fresh air and exercise, poor nutrition, all play a role in the less than
perky image that is reflected back to us.  When we begin to analyze the factors we
generally decide to remedy the situation.  We start to go to bed earlier, we take longer
walks outside, and we determine to eat better as well.  We embrace changes so that what
is reflected back at us is more of who we truly are, more of who we believe ourselves to

The same is true for relationships -- they are in our lives to teach us how to love, how to
forgive, how to heal.  If there is someone in your life who always seems to push your
buttons, who finds the sore spots of your soul and seems to increase the tenderness,
then that person is there to teach you a lesson.  They are in your life because in some
way their behavior mirrors your own and they have stepped forward to help you to heal.

As an example, suppose someone you see frequently has a certain aptitude for creating
chaos.  Whenever you meet you are regaled with stories of a life spiraling out of control.  
Your first approach may be to tell them how to fix it, yet your advice will fall upon deaf
ears.  After several rounds of this you realize they are never going to take your advice
and instead you are simply annoyed with them.  Whenever you hear their tales of woe, of
chaos and trials, you want to pull your hair out, or theirs, and it doesn't get better.

In fact, it will not get better until you accept the fact that you have drawn this person into
your life for a reason, until you accept that there may be chaos in your life as well -- and
begin to heal yourself.

Certainly your issue may not be as big as those of your button-pusher, but they are big
enough for your soul to cry out for healing.  Your soul is on a continuous path of growth
and whatever is up next in the queue will be drawn to you as a mirror.

Step back and take a good look.  Search out the lesson, then search out the places in
your soul that need healing and just do it.  Love yourself, forgive yourself for not seeing
it before, and release the pattern.  Beyond that it is of vital importance to forgive the
button-pusher, and to go even further and thank them for bringing this to your attention.  
All this can be accomplished through prayer.

When you truly do this from the heart you will be healed.

Go in peace, my children, and remember to look into the mirrors.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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