Holiday Blessings
Life Lesson #224: Holiday Blessings

My dear ones, I send you blessings for this holiday season, for this time of gratitude,
reflection, and renewal.  This is a time of celebration for your Spirit, for the bounty of life,
and for the promise of peace.

Within each heart is the yearning for peace, for contentment, and for prosperity.  No one
wishes to abide in less and yet we create anew each day a life that is not as magnificent
as it might be.  As we align our thoughts with less than what we truly desire, we bring
more of what we do not want into our lives.

Take this time which contains the blessings of the harvest to plant the seeds of gratitude
in your lives, to cultivate the feeling of joy right now so that the potential of global peace
and unity grows within the fertile soil of your mind and heart.  Peace begins within each
of us.  We are each sowers of the seeds, bearers of the light.  Nurture the seeds that have
been planted with love.  Let love envelop your every thought, your every action, my
children.  Your individual lives will thereby achieve balance and thus you will balance the

Know that you are a part of the mind of God, a child of the Creator, and you are capable
of the vibrational creation of all that you need, all that you desire.  I ask you to take this
opportunity to create in gratitude and joy the blessings of peace, prosperity and balance
for all.  As you create it for yourself, a reflection of your deepest desires, it blesses the
world and all who abide here.

Make the choice to live in love, in light, each day and you will create the great and
magnificent changes you desire.

I bless you on your journey, my dear ones.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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