Children Portend
Life Lesson #222: Children Portend

It is often the case, my dear ones, that children portend the future.  We speak of the veil
between worlds and we know that it usually thickens as human experience and painful
reactions accumulate.  Yet, before the veil becomes dense it is quite transparent to

There is a saying among you “from the mouths of babes.”  I ask you now to listen closely
to the children for more and more they speak in truth, they speak in portends.

You may have heard of the special souls being born called the Indigo Children and then
those who are even more spiritually gifted called the Crystal Children.  For these young
ones the veil will be forever transparent.  It will be as if it ceases to exist.  And just as your
loving thoughts change the world by increasing the vibratory rate of the people, so, too,
does the presence of these special souls raise the bar of practice portion for other

Honor the babes, for they are speakers of truth.  The words of the children portend many
things.  Listen well when they mention loved ones who have passed, or what the cat said
that morning.  Hear them when they tell you that the weather will change or someone is
coming to visit.  Respect the connectedness with all life which they display so
effortlessly, and you will be able to nurture the same abilities within yourself.

Children portend the most amazing things.  They are capable of much – and are we not
all Children of the Creator?

You are capable of wonders – just listen and believe.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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