Life Lesson #213: Miracles

Your dictionaries define miracles as extraordinary events manifesting a supernatural
power of God. My children, miracles are truly created by men and women in harmony
with God, according to natural law. Yes, there are times when the Creator steps in to
dispense a miracle or two, but the event is still according to the natural laws of this world
and the miracle has always been requested.

Far more frequently the everyday miracles of life, those events both large and small that
precipitate change, are the result of the creativity and harmony of the human mind
working in concert with intention and the natural laws. The more harmonious you are
with God, the more faith you have in the process of creation, the more miracles you will
manifest in your life. You are all, my dear ones, miracle makers.

As you grow and progress along your personal path, as you manifest greater and
greater alignment with your own divinity, things that once seemed miraculous become
more commonplace. Remember to be grateful, for though common in your life, they are
still miracles of harmonious creation, and they raise the bar for subsequent miracles.
Just as each goal you attain gives you the impetus to set loftier goals, so does each
miracle set the stage for greater ones to come.

Be open and receptive to miracles, my children, for they are within you. As your faith in
your personal connection to the Divine grows, so does your ability to create miracles.
Accept it and use it, for truly the greatest miracle is within you.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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