A New Way
Life Lesson #206: A New Way

Life requires, my children, a new way of being every day, a new way of seeing, a new
way of experiencing.  You are not exactly the same person today that you were
yesterday because you have one more day’s worth of experience shaping your soul,
adding to your knowledge.  It is ever so.

The Divinity within you is always reaching for ways to express itself more fully, whether it
is through thought or voice or action, Divinity is always impelling you forward toward
greater expression.  My channel suggests a journal of growth.  Like the parent who, at
dinner, urges the child to share one thing learned that day, write the changes you
experience in a journal.  Over time you will be able to see what magnificent strides you
have made, one lesson learned at a time.

Over time you will see how the Divinity within you keeps propelling you toward fuller
expression.  You will also see, through lack of entries, that you are holding yourself
back.  If you cannot catalog one insight, one small life lesson each day, then it is time to
consider why this is so.  Is your life already perfect – or is it so imperfect that you do not
wish to examine it?  Either way you are erecting barriers.  If you believe your life is
perfect and you wish it would always stay exactly the same, you are depriving yourself of
more – more joy, more fulfillment, more abundance.  Build upon what you have by
sharing with others.  This will bring you more and not diminish what you have in any
way.  Be the instrument of grace in the lives of others and grace will be added unto you.

On the other hand, if you perceive your life as too painful to examine, as lacking in one or
many ways, it is surely time to release the pain, to move forward.  The only way this can
be accomplished is by changing your thoughts and re-creating your world.  
Acknowledge that your present way of thinking is not serving you and forgive yourself
for shortsightedness.  Recognize that holding anger, resentment, grudges – negative
energy in any form – toward another individual or institution only drains you.  You do not
create peace in your life by embracing pain, only by loving peace and wanting it more
than you want the pain.  Forgiveness of yourself and others is the key.  

Forgiveness, then growth, this will bring each of you, my dear ones, to a new way of

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