Piggyback Car Drives

All of you, my children, now that the cost of fuel has risen so high, are considering ways
to piggy back your errands when you drive your cars.  Your media continues to focus on
scarcity rather than abundance and it becomes all too easy for you to follow along.

Yes, consolidating your errands is a good thing.  Planning ahead so that you can do this
is admirable.  It flexes your goal-setting muscles and forces you to slow down enough to
think and set up your priorities.  Planning and foresight are wonderful things.

Piggyback your car drives because you enjoy it, not because of fuel scarcity or lack of
abundance.  Proceeding through fear is never the best way, being efficient in your tasks
is always best.

If you proceed through love in all things, more love and abundance will follow in your
life.  Opportunities will reveal themselves to you to offset the higher cost of living or you
will feel ready to economize in ways that will be comfortable and ultimately freeing.  No
matter what choices you make, make them from a position encompassing love, gratitude,
and joy.        

Perhaps it is time to go to the grocer with a friend, alternating the driving each time.  It
seems like a small thing, yet it may yield rewards untold from the time spent together, the
ideas exchanged, the deepening of the connection between your souls.  It may spark
conversations about all sorts of amazing things and lead you down pathways that were
completely unseen in the past.

Piggyback your car drives from the viewpoint of love and abundance, not fear and
scarcity, and your life and the lives of those around you will be better for it.

Enjoy the ride!

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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