Thunder & Lightning

Thunder and lightning are aspects of duality, my children.  Thunder announces that the
action of lightning has already taken place.  Lightning is the very powerful result of two
opposite forces, hot and cold, colliding to create a discharge of energy.  Since light
moves faster than sound, you experience the sound as a secondary effect, yet it is part
of the primary action.

So it is with life.  Your thoughts create your world, yet the effects must pass through the
filter of time to be acknowledged and consciously perceived.  It is this conscious
perception that sets the stage for even more creation.  Yet just as the currents of air
never stop moving, reforming, and recreating themselves, so, too, are your thoughts
always engaged in the process of creation.

Even so, many of your thoughts are redundant.  They are the same thoughts that have
played through your mind yesterday and the day before and the day before that.  Thus
they recreate the same experiences again and again.

If you wish to change your experience of this world, of this life, you must change your
thoughts.  If you cannot yet make time to meditate, take a few moments to daydream and
journal.  Use your imagination to spin tales of better days.  Cinderella did not go through
her transformation process because she thought she would be a housekeeper forever.  
She went through her process because she believed she could and was open and
receptive to the changes, the results, as they were offered.

And she was never the same again.  Although circumstances seemed to have returned
her to her “before” life, she was altered by her experience in a profound way and that
energetic shift could not be denied.  Lightning struck a second time and thunder
followed.  It is ever so.

Many years ago my daughters would have dreamed of being loved and cared for by the
prince, all their desires fulfilled by this one person.  Now they dream of the same loving
relationship but with wider parameters, working side by side as equals, recreating each

Know that, like thunder, the effects of your lightning thoughts are time-delayed.  Do not
wait for the thunder to recreate the energy – there is more than enough to go around.  
Like Cinderella, be open to receiving the effects and keep on dreaming.  Leave the
mundane behind and create more!

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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