An Opportunity Present

I have an opportunity for you, my children – a present, a gift.  It is the opportunity to
connect, through your own thoughts, with All That Is.  The opportunity exists today, and
each day forward, and all you have to do is communicate in a meaningful way.

By that I mean you have to formulate your ideas and speak them, write them, or transmit
them with your inner voice in a coherent, focused manner, believing All That Is receives
your transmission, then let it go.

Some call this activity prayer, some call it Master Mind, some call it using the Law of
Attraction.  No matter the name, the premise is the same – focus, faith, release.  I will state
that again because it contains all the keys you need - focus, faith, release.  

There are no limits on the service you are called to render to others during the course of
your lifetime, and growth through service is ultimately what life is about.  Then it must
follow if there are no limits on service, there are also no limits on the rewards for this

Focus on service, have faith you will be rewarded, and release the outcome to the
Creator.  Focus on what gives you joy in the sphere of service.  Perhaps you are a healer
and your means of healing involves creating beauty through flowers.  You may serve
becoming a gardener or a florist or a painter.  Your flowers may bring beauty and
serenity to the lives of many.  This is your service.  Render it often and well and your
rewards will come, for this is an abundant world.  You are asked to determine your
course and your reward and to have faith that it will manifest.  Your reward is in direct
proportion to the service that you render – but not equal to it.  To All That Is everything is
energy.  A simple act that has wide ramifications may be rewarded with a greater degree
of energy than a more complex act that affects no one.  A single act, perhaps creating
one beautiful bouquet of flowers, will bring a reward from Spirit, but unless that energy is
recreated, reformed into additional acts of service, no more reciprocal energy will be put
into motion.

You are here to serve.  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Ask and you
shall receive.  Focus, faith, release.  You have been given the tools in many ways, in
many sayings, over the course of human history, but you still get in your own way.

This clarification is a gift, an opening of the grandest opportunity for you, my dear ones.  
Through your joy and passion create ways to serve others, to bring them joy, peace,
healing, beauty, whatever good things you are capable of creating and then determine
what good things should flow into your life.  It is not about ego and competition; it is
about being of value, offering service.  There is creative energy all around you that you
simply have to call into form through your focus.  Have faith that it is so.  If you are willing
to render excellent service to others, ask All That Is for an excellent car.  It will manifest.  
Please be so bold as to ask for exactly the type and color, the year, the make and model
that you want.  Specifics make it easier to bring this energy into your life!  Once you have
faithfully made your request, let it go and let God handle it, and move on to more acts of
service and more specific requests.

Focus, faith, release can also be interpreted as service + reward + release =
manifestation.  Whatever words appeal to you, it is all the same and ever shall be – an
opportunity and a present.  Use it in love.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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