Pieces of the Whole
Life Lesson #153: Pieces of the Whole   

We are all, my children, pieces of the whole, part of All-That-Is.  As such, we have access
to everything!  We can access the consciousness of a tree, of a flower, of a bee.  We can
commune with the rocks and the waterfalls, we can speak to the clouds and move them
to tears, but we rarely try.  Expand your paradigm and believe that you can communicate
with everything!  

You can use your intuition to gather to your heart the words of your pets.  No
intermediary need be on call for you to develop the understanding necessary to receive
their words.  The skills are all within you.  The animals you care for are simply another
piece of the whole, another manifestation of All-That-Is, another part of you.
When walking in nature observe the world around you and know that you are as much a
part of it as the nearest tree or blade of grass.  Put your hand to Mother Earth and feel her
heartbeat!  Feel the pulse deep within her as it beats through all that she holds dear, as it
beats with the rhythm of life which fills the fruits of her womb, the foods you eat and the
water you drink.  That is your rhythm as well, as you are here because of her.  Honor her
as a piece of the whole, as a part of the consciousness of the Creator and a part of your
consciousness as well.  

We are all pieces of the whole, just as a drop of water is part of the ocean.  The single
drop has consciousness, as does the whole, the ocean, which in its own turn is a small
part of the consciousness of Planet Earth, which is larger but also only a small part of
this solar system, and on it goes.  We are all pieces of some greater whole, parts of yet
another layer of the great macrocosm of consciousness that makes up All-That-Is.  
Ultimately, All-That-Is can be viewed as only a small part of the mind of the Creator.  
There are worlds beyond the comprehension of our earth-bound minds.  Unless we
begin now to view ourselves as an essential part of that great Cosmic Whole we will find
that we are living out our physicals lifetimes at less than optimum levels of participation.  
We will find that we have accepted the mundane, limited view of life, and only upon
exiting will we realize what potential we held in the palms of our hands.

Act now to increase your conscious awareness of all the life that manifests around you
each day.  Begin by thanking each thing as you recognize it, from the water in which you
bathe, to the foods that you eat for breakfast, to the fibers that make up your clothing.  As
you progress through your day I ask you to be conscious of the earth you walk upon,
the car you drive and its many parts made from some piece of the whole of Mother Earth,
to the desk you sit at or the store you visit.  Be conscious and grateful for every piece of
the whole, and for your part in it.  Recognize how every part blesses your life, and how
you bless it in return.  Be observant, perhaps someone left a piece of litter in the parking
lot near where you park your car.  Maybe they were careless and irresponsible, and it
may well be that their attention needs to be drawn to that appearance, but it may also be
that this is an opportunity for you to become more attuned to your part of the whole.  
Perhaps it is your task to bring loving attention to that piece of paper, expressing your
gratitude to the tree for allowing its life force to be used to make that coffee cup, and to
Mother Earth for sustaining the tree, and to the company that served the coffee for
supplying jobs to so many people.  Perhaps that seemingly random piece of litter is
really a great reminder to you that you are part of the universal paradigm of life and you
have many chances to be grateful each day, more than you usually acknowledge.  Take
this opportunity to thank the person who tossed the cup aside for the opportunity to
express your gratefulness, for the dawning recognition that you are each a piece of a
much greater whole, and for the opportunity to pick of the cup and dispose of it
properly.  Rendering service to others helps each of us to step away from our own egos
and draw closer to our Divinity.

We are each a part of the whole, a portion of the consciousness of the Creator, and that
is a very great honor.  Attune yourself to all aspects of life around you and be grateful
that you are a piece of the whole, an important, essential piece.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!
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