High Hopes

High hopes are wonderful things because you put your feeling and your belief into
them.  It is my highest hope, my children, that you will always have high hopes.

Imagine great things for yourself and you cannot fail to attract them!  If you aim low you
will attract what you aim for; if you aim high, you will attract that also.  Why settle for
less?  Do not let fear hold you back.  Imagine that you deserve more and be open to the
fact that the Universe believes you and will deliver the opportunity to you!

The Law of Attraction is unlimited; you are the only one who imposes limits upon it.  
Dream amazing dreams for yourself, hope high and be open to receiving the highest and
the best, just as you have hoped.

The Law of Attraction does not mean that everything in your life will be achieved without
lifting a finger.  It does not mean that you can sit in your chair in your room eating
bonbons and the world will be delivered to you on a silver platter.  It does mean that you
must get up and answer the door when opportunity knocks.  You must be open to the
opportunities the Creator presents to you and you must receive in joy and gratitude, and
then hope, dream, and imagine more again.

When you work toward manifesting your dreams it is a joy and the term work rarely
applies.  Have high hopes, my children, and allow them to manifest in your life.  Do not be
fearful when opportunity knocks, for the Creator is supplying you with all you have
imagined.  Once you have established the image of hope, it becomes your next task to be
open to receiving and to joyously acknowledge the method the Universe has chosen to
manifest your dream for you.

You created it – now accept it.  Do not place restrictions upon it – too soon, not precisely
what I had imagined, not enough of it - whatever.  Get over it!  Accept the delivery and
hope high again!  You never know what additional treasures lay inside the box.  Perhaps
this delivery is even more than you imagined and just what you deserve.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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