(the Mother Mary Infusion Technique)

The one-hour session begins by assessing the aura with a pendulum
to gage the flow of energy. The client lies face up on the healing table
and the pendulum is swung throughout the aura.  As the velocity
changes in the different layers of the aura and over various areas of
the body, the determination of what needs to be done to bring the
energy field into balance is made.  

Following the guidance of Mother Mary, Christina will then use all
seven of the crystal bowls through multiple layers of the energy field
starting with the root chakra and ending with the crown chakra.  When
she is guided to do so, she may sit at the head of the table, placing
her hands beside the client's head, as she begins to channel Mother
Mary's energy into the client's auric field.  She is also directed to
move about to remove energies that are manifesting in the aura -
usually pains that the client is ready to release.
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This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!
way to de-stress any time of the year, especially if you are experiencing
a dis-harmony of any kind.  Body, Mind and Spirit are all one.  Healing on one layer affects the harmony of all.

Your heart will lead you to what is best for your personal needs, whether it is once a week, once a month, or
simply an occasional tune-up.  The Mother Mary Infusion Technique is a blessing whenever you choose to
experience it.  Check with Christina via email to determine the availability and pricing of these sessions.
Actual Photo of Mother Mary
Hnad Held crystal Bowls for Sound Healing Therapy
A Remarkable Improvement for Artificial Joints and Parts

was not running past her knees into her lower legs and feet.  One session with the Crystal Bowls and Mother
Mary and the problem was corrected.
The next woman I worked with had recently had a hip replaced.  She came in with a slightly off gait, wearing a lift in her shoe and
watching her steps quite closely.  Again, the energy was not flowing properly past the artificial hip.  What follows is her testimonial,
taken from her emails immediately following the procedure.

Sent: Thursday, September 16, 2010 4:01 PM  Subject: hip
Thank you for the treatment this morning!  I do feel a difference in the way I am walking.  I have a more even gait and my right foot
is not turning out as much as it has been.  I did not expect to feel results of that sort and I am truly amazed.  Our bodies are so
Thank you for the treatment this morning!  I do feel a difference in the way I am walking.  I have a more even gait and my right foot
It was, as always, wonderful to spend some time together.
Love, C.C.

Sent: Thursday, September 16, 2010 7:08 PM  Subject: Re: hip
It is difficult to put into words the subtle difference in the brain / muscle communication.  If I were to describe the change a little
more specifically, while at the same time guessing as to what might actually be going on, I would say that there may have been a
release of tension allowing the muscles to respond without restriction to the communication from the brain.
I didn't realize the change at first.  After about an hour of walking about the house preparing my space to work, I realized that I
was moving in a familiar way that I hadn't felt for a very long time, perhaps over a year - there was an ease about my motions.  I
was thinking more about the destination than each step that got me there.  I didn't have a sense of my right leg feeling any
different from my left leg.  Pretty amazing!
Love, C.C.
I am tremendously grateful for the healing, which Christina provided through the Mother Mary Infusion Technique with
crystal bowls. I gifted myself with a session as a special way to usher in the New Year, but I brought no particular ailment,
injury or complaint to the session… or so I thought! The gift I received was MUCH greater than I had anticipated!
At the beginning of the session, Christina showed me, through the use of the pendulum, how the flow of energy through
my chakras was blocked. She was subsequently guided to the sources of the blockages and removed impediments in my
aura in the areas of my throat and heart. After providing healing and balancing, my chakras were open and in alignment.

I was truly surprised to discover that the sensation in my throat is now much different than it had been all my life! There is
an openness, relaxation and ease of breathing and swallowing that had never been there before… but I didn’t know what
I was missing until it was restored!  

I realize now that a fabulous part of this work is that if you just bring it, Christina with Mother Mary will find it and heal it! I
also followed the session by privately doing the Emotional Healing Exercise found on Christina’s website.

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