the LABYRINTH of the
This is the Circle of Intention Labyrinth when it was newly completed.  Christina made it, with a bit of help from her son, of all
recycled materials, with the exception of the new white sand and the guidance of Spirit.  It is dedicated to the Holy Mother
Mary and her presence is often keenly felt there.

The Labyrinth is located in the yard behind her home and is surrounded by gardens and patio.  The Circle is also a
Medicine Wheel, as the Four Directions are marked in lines of bricks.  The center is black granite, representing the Pregnant
Void from which all life comes.  

The entrance of the Circle is a mosaic heart, seen at left, surmounted by a doorknob from the house which was excavated
from the site during the construction.  The doorknob marks the passageway, but each seeker must enter through the heart.  
This photo was taken during the construction phase, prior to the addition of white sand between the blocks and bricks.

Labyrinths are an ancient form of sacred geometry, a place of walking meditation, a means to connect more fully with the
Creator, Spirit, your Guidance, or simply your own soul.  

What has also been noticed is that it is like having a vortex in your own yard.  This labyrinth continues to amaze those who
are drawn to it.  We love working in it and on it.  The maintenance is a delight and everyone seems to take some special
insight away with them.  Our Animal Communication classes are often held here, as the animals just LOVE the energy there
and are often seen walking the circuit in their own way.

The Labyrinth is here to be shared and we often have ceremonies and services there.  If you add your email address to the
newsletter list you will be informed of upcoming ceremonies and events.

The Circle of Intention Labyrinth is the smallest that it is convenient to use, at 14 feet in diameter.  In this case, bigger is
better.  If you would like to have one of your own, I suggest you consider a circle at least 25 feet in diameter.  You can find
out a great deal more about Labyrinths by simply putting the word into a search engine.

It has been a blessing in my life, it can be in yours as well.  Come for a visit or build one of your own!

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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Labyrinth Starting Point - Enter Through the Heart
Circle of Intention Labyrinth