method is for the subject to extend the arm and then the practitioner will apply
pressure while the subject resists.  The person applying the pressure will ask a
question, or have the subject hold an item, and then test the arm.  If an item,
like white sugar is held, the arm will go weak.  No amount of resistance will allow
the muscles to hold.  If the subject then holds a piece of fruit, the most likely
outcome will be that the strength returns and the arm remains strong, able to
resist the light pressure applied by the practitioner.

As time went on, the technique took on a more personal aspect.  It's nice to be
able to talk to your body or your Higher Self without the aid of a second person,
so someone figured out a way.  It's done by forming a circuit with the thumb and
forefinger of each hand, and then interlocking them, like a paper chain when
you were a child.

But before you begin, there is one step that must come first - the Thymus
Thump.  The pressure point for the thymus gland is located between the
collarbone and the breastbone.  Gently thump the fingers of one hand against
this area.  If there is any soreness, continue thumping and rubbing until the
soreness is gone.  The first time I did it, it took three days to get rid of all the
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right thumb and forefinger remain touching through the entire process.  When I pull, the left thumb and forefinger give
way and separate.  DO NOT LOCK YOUR FINGERS TOGETHER.  Do not make them rigid or bend the first joints of your
fingers, just relax.  Men tend to overdo it.  I tell them this is not a test of strength.  If you can pull a piece of paper from
between your fingers with ease you will have the right amount of tension.

The basis of PK is that a “yes” or positive answer is one where the circuit is not broken and the hands remain linked.  A
“no” or negative answer breaks the circuit and allows the dominant hand to pull through the opposite link.  Some people
use different signals, but if you start this way, it will always work.

Previously we have established how little force is involved in this.  Now we want to demonstrate how it actually works.  I
suggest that people use their full first name, not a nickname, and ask, “Is my name James?”  They should get a strong,
linked response to that question.  Next, I ask them to pull a name out of a hat and ask again.  If James asked, “Is my name
Maurice?” he should get a release response indicating “no.”  This serves to establish the technique of PK in the mind of
the user.

From here on, it is a simple matter of asking the question correctly.  You can ask about anything that pertains to yourself,
as your Higher Self is the source of the information.  If you wish to ask for someone else, with his or her permission, you
may do so.  If they are uncomfortable or unable to use PK, simply have the subject put their hand on your non-dominant
wrist or arm.  It is not always necessary, but it helps to make them feel they are taking an active role in the process.

In this manner, you can ask if a therapy or a particular supplement will be effective for yourself or the subject.  It is
important to establish clearly in your mind who you are asking for and to ask only one question at a time, phrased in a
manner that will give a “yes” or “no” response.  Be very specific.  Don’t ask, “Will vitamin A be good here?”  Rather,
“Considering my current state of health, will the addition of vitamin A to my diet help to improve my condition?”  If the
answer is positive/strong, then proceed to the next phase of the same question, “I want to establish the dosage that would
be most helpful right now.  I expect a ‘no’ response when I have exceeded the dosage needed on a daily basis.”  Then
you will proceed to ask about the dosage in increments.  Vitamin A is usually packaged in pills of 10,000 IU's.  If you have
the bottle with you and can focus on it, just ask, “One pill, two pills,” etc.  If not, then ask, “ten thousand, twenty thousand,”
etc.  You can trust the answer because it comes from within your self.

I like to do a monthly, or sometimes even a weekly, update on my vitamins to make sure that I am getting what I need, not
too much or too little.  To determine if I have everything I need, I will often pull out my list of available supplements and ask
my High Self if I need anything else from the list.  If I get a positive response, then I focus on the name of each supplement
and ask if I need to add it to my program of supplements.

I recently asked about a particular face cream and was told “no,” but I wanted to try it anyway.  I did and I couldn't stand
it!  I washed it off right away!  It was just another lesson in trust for me.

Please understand that Personal Kinesiology is not a substitute for medical care.  Consult your health care professional
whenever appropriate.

If you go to the Events & Classes page you will be able to see when the next class in Personal Kinesiology, called Talking
to Spirit, will take place at the Circle of Intention School of Intuitive Sciences.  It is given about every two months in Central
New Jersey.