Starship Photos
These starship photos do not come from our field trips, rather they come from all over,
taken by attuned individuals who saw only beautiful sky with the naked eye.

If you have a photo, or a sequence, that you think may be a starship, please feel free to
send it to me.  I am looking for different types of ships to add to this collection.

Please know that to garner an image of a starship is a blessing!  The Star People
generally like to remain cloaked and unseen.  Please take it as a sign in your life that
you are being watched over with LOVE by those who care deeply for your progress.

Future ID Photo trips happen in the good weather, May to October, so check the Events
& Classes section for upcoming dates, or simply sign up for our Newsletter and receive
advanced notice.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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This is a fleet of small Starships, one
of which has emerged in front of the
clouds.  This is a photo taken in
Florida of a ship just coming through
the clouds on a cell phone when a
presence was felt.
Notice the similarity of the bright flash
of the sun in this picture and the one
above. This photo was taken in New
Jersey.  It is a group of three Starships
flying in formation, the same type as
the image above.
This is a photo taken by Christina of a
Lightship.  She was taking a photo of
the beautiful rings of color around the
moon at about 10 p.m. from the door
of the church. Later, when she
examined the photo, she saw that she
had captured the image of a
Lightship.  This is a ship that is made
entirely of concentrated thought, no
metal, and is piloted by a crew of
ninety highly evolved beings, according
to the information she channeled.