Orb Photos
Orbs are generally where the attunement process begins.  An orb will show up in a photo
of someone's birthday, or a picture taken in a garden, or the kitchen, or any number of
mundane locations.  It means you are blessed with the presence of Spirit.

Orbs are essentially a point of Light - they are the way a spirit will travel, the way your
own spirit travels while in the dream state.  Individual orbs are individual units of
consciousness in most cases.  That is why you can often see faces or other images
within the circle of an orb.  In some case, the orbs represent a group consciousness and
it is possible to see several faces within the same orb.  Generally speaking you will see
energy patterns, not faces.  As pure Spirit, we are defined by our vibration, not our
looks.  For this reason, there is no need to portray a face within the space of each orb,
we are all, after all, simply energy.

The photos on this page are of various types of orbs that we think you will find
interesting.  Each time we go on an Inter-Dimensional Field Trip, more and more
phenomenon is shown to us - the pictures just get better and better.  We are so grateful
for the energetic interchange!

Future trips happen in the good weather, May to October, so check the Events &
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advanced notice.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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This is an orb photo from one of our
trips that shows a large orb with a very
high degree of consciousness, as well
that the water of the falls themselves
has changed color, a phenomenon
inter-dimensional beings of Light.  
Generally the falls turn colors after we
have been taking photos for some time.
I was holding my flashlight when someone snapped this
photo.  We take flashlights with us on our Field Trips as we
like to photograph after dark as well.  I was pointing my
flashlight when someone snapped this photo.  This lovely orb
was perched right on top of my hand.  Orbs and other ID
energies love to come out and play - they respond to joy.
This is our friend Robin, from Goddess in Eden, frolicking
among the orbs of the Fairies.  She holds a bag in her left
hand as we always endeavor to clean up the litter whenever
we are out in nature. The Fairies really appreciate it!