an Introduction
Inter-dimensional Photography is the term I use instead of the more familiar “Psychic
Photography” or “Spirit Photography.”  In my view this term is more specific.  Let me tell
you why.

Many years ago, when I was going through my spiritual awakening, I was urged by Spirit
to give readings and to participate in New Age Health Fairs in the New York area.  
Because my skills were growing more rapidly than my understanding at times, I was
urged to take a Polaroid photograph of each of the people who came to me for a
reading.  At one of these fairs, I took a photo of a woman and more images than met
the physical eye were suddenly available on the photo.  

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It was nothing dramatic, no ghostly image shadowing the foreground, no angel of death in the rear, just shapes, little tiny
shapes.  They were like specs of light on a piece of dark paper and I would have dismissed them if I hadn't noticed that they
were different colors and distinctly different shapes.  As I listened closely to my Guidance, I realized that they were
manifestations of the Spirit Guides that were with this woman.

I don’t know about you, but I think of Spirit Guides as being bigger than a point of light, although I know that is the form they
take to travel.  When I think of Guides, I think of Native Americans, saints, angels and loved ones, all of whom have
distinctive forms, so this was a surprise to me.  Nonetheless, I was very grateful for the experiences and the explanation
provided my client with a wonderful sense of comfort, delight and self-esteem.  Now she had a more concrete connection
with her Guidance, one that transcended her intuitive imagining.

I was very grateful to have been the instrument of this manifestation.  From that point forward, there were frequently many
small specs of light in the photos that I took.  Several years later, I entered into a different phase of my life, one in which my
spiritual work took a backseat to the workaday world.  During this time I rarely had flecks in my photos.

About eight years later, a friend came to me with photos she had taken which manifested the same type of shapes and
flecks, and a few more besides.  I had forgotten my earlier experiences and I passed off her work as sloppy processing.  To
prove it to her, I went out and took some pictures, had them processed in the same place she did, and voilà, there were the

Well, I had the proof my ego needed that the processing was below par, and she had the proof she needed that this
phenomenon happened to people who were psychic.

I was wrong and she was right.

Here is a photo, taken in my everyday work, from that time.  This is a bedspread that I was selling and, as you can see,
there are white spots on it.  The spread is a vintage one, and my clients are always on the lookout for imperfections, so it
was likely that these were old bleach spots, but they were not.  They are not on the bedspread, they only appeared in the
Inter-dimensional Photo of Bedspread with Small Orbs by Christina Lynn Whited
In fact, as you may be able to see, there are two types of manifestations here, tiny, bright white
spots, and larger, more see-through spots.  There are three tiny spots and two of the larger
spots - one on the dust ruffle and one on the surface of the bed.

I have a friend who is a professional photographer, who when told about these specs of light, said
that he gets them in his photos all the time.  It doesn’t surprise me; he is a very spiritual man.  His
confusion is the reason that I am showing you this rather ordinary photograph.  If it's happening
to him, it could be happening to you.

Since that time I have consciously worked at increasing my awareness of Spirit, at extending my
knowledge, and at heightening my attunement with all living things.  The following photograph is
an example of where that has taken me.

This is a photo of a hillside above a stream near my home.  I have been taking pictures there for
a few years.  The first shots came about strictly by accident, when I was documenting the
landscape for a mural I was painting.  I got the earth feature I wanted, but there were these
Inter-dimensional Photo of Orbs at Night by Christina Lynn Whited
speeding balls of light in the photo.  You should be able to see the trails they leave as they pass in this picture, if not, click on the photo to enlarge it, a
Kodak digital camera for both of these photos, by the way.

I have taken many more pictures since them, some of them appearing to have been taken during a snowstorm because of the large number of orbs in
the photo.  If you search the Internet, you will find many instances of orbs being documented all around the world.  I have not yet seen any
“snowstorms” from other photographers, but would be delighted to find some.

My friend, who also started out with simple shapes, has now progressed beyond my capabilities.  When we both go to the same spot and take pictures
at the same time, she gets entirely different images.  It was a real surprise to me at first.  It took me a some time flirting with the discrepancy to figure it
out.  Finally I realized that because we were at different levels of spiritual development, we were photographing varying levels of dimension. Duh!

Thus the name Inter-Dimensional Photography.  

Do try this at home, but do it in nature and stay away from graveyards and places that you know are haunted.  The last thing you want to do is validate
that kind of dissonant energy to the entity and attract their negative energy to yourself.  By paying attention to ghosts and lost souls, you tell them they
are real.  This validation allows them to continue to deceive themselves rather than to go for the healing they need.  Please, leave them alone. You
don't want them hanging around you, anyway.

But Mother Nature - that's a different matter.  There are many places near my home where I feel the presence of wonder, where the sacredness of
nature comes through to me and sings in my soul.  You have them all around you as well.  Go there.  Be at peace in the Presence and take pictures
when you feel the urge.  My friend is guided to take multiple pictures of the same spot, in rapid succession.  I simply snap away.

I usually get something in my favorite spot each time I snap the shutter.  Other people can take pictures of me there and get nothing extraordinary.  No
matter who takes a picture of my friend, it is never ordinary.  We are all different.

She also finds that it is always the second, third, or fourth frame of the same shot that gives her the photographic image that Spirit wanted her to see.

I have the best luck with my photos if I take them at dusk.  It is still light enough for me to see clearly, but my flash will go off.  It's the light of the flash,
bouncing off the balls of light, that captures the image.  Over the course of time that I have taken the photos, my sensitivity to the process has
increased.  In the beginning, I simply took them as I felt moved and ceased when I felt I had enough, never knowing what would show up on the photo.  
Now, when the flash goes off, I am able to see the spheres of light with my naked eye, over the top of the camera.  It is a real thrill!  

It is all a matter of attunement.  I am not special in what I can do, I have simply practiced more and recognized the value of what I have experienced.  It is
through attunement with those living beings in other dimensions that this is possible.  In essence, they have given their permission to me to replicate
their image through my camera.  If I were not in harmony with them it would not be happening.

Inter-Dimensional Photography is a tool for extending the understanding of humankind.  It is an instrument of enlightenment, allowing those who are
looking for proof of the life forces all around us to document some of the many layers and manifestations of Spirit in this wonderful Universe.  Beyond
that, it can become a tool for opening the minds of skeptics.  It may only let in a crack of light, but it may be enough to eventually bring about a flood of
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