an Explanation
(first published in North central Edition of Natural Awakenings)
Many people believe they are bad photographers.  Misty gray areas appear in their
pictures, a shaft of sunlight shows up in a photo taken on a rainy day, or perhaps the
top of someone’s head is obscured by a grey circle.  These images are then consigned
to the circular file, or more recently, ejected via the “delete” button.  It is a common
occurrence these days, happening to scores of people around the world.

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Melanie Usischon's Inter-dimensional Photo of a Little Girl
more than the image of her daughter running through
the hotel hallway at Disneyworld.  This photo shows
the energy trails of different Light Beings.
And yet there are no mistakes.  These photographic anomalies are really just another example
of the breadth of the vibrational range of the world in which we live.  They are actually a gift,
given only to those who are sensitive enough to capture the vibration on film or digitally.  Inter-
Dimensional Photography is a far more appropriate term for this phenomenon than “mistake.”

We live in and on a world in transition.  As Mother Earth continues on her course of changes the
vibrational rate of the planet itself is rising, and mass consciousness is also being raised higher.  
More and more people recognize the breadth of our world, both seen and unseen, and the
complexity of our interactions with all life forms as spiritual beings having a human experience.  
Consequently, more people than ever are seeing odd images crop up in their photographs.

So many inter-dimensional photos are being taken that conferences are springing up from
Sedona to Palm Springs to Glastonbury to discuss this wide ranging experience.  The Prophets
Conferences focus on orbs, bringing to light what is known about inter-dimensional photography
while posing questions for the future.  Will the orbs continue to manifest?  What do the different
colors mean?  Why are some plain and some patterned?  When and where can they be found,
and just what, or who, are they?
Inter-dimensional Photo of Skull of Light Within Leaves - Nancy Burson & Mary Jo Kuehne
This image of an EC was taken by Nancy
Burson among the tree leaves in Mary Jo
Kuehne's backyard garden.  
(c) Nancy Burson/Mary Jo Kuehne
Inter-dimensional Photo of Pyramid of Light by Celia Tiberio
Arizona, in 2000, shows the image of a ship hovering over the site in
the midst of the ceremony within the pyramid.
Inter-dimensional Photo of Three-Pronged Light by Celia Tiberio
Celia Tiberio often receives extraordinary images of Light.  
This image, taken at the end of a lane in New Jersey, is the
last of a series of five in which this three-pronged light
Inter-dimensional Photo of Orbs Moving Into the Falls by Christina Lynn Whited
Among the first I-D photos taken by the author, this view of
the Falls, taken with a digital camera, shows the energy
trails that follow the orbs.  Closer examination reveals
other images in the water cascading over the supports.
Actual Photo of Mother Mary
Arizona many years ago.  Although it
has been copied so many times that
the bush and the flowers have been
obscured, the image of Mary, mother
of Jesus, remains crisp and clear.
For Nancy Burson, artist and inventor of photographic morphing techniques, inter-dimensional photography is an
everyday occurrence.  Burson spent a night in a crop circle in England in 2004 and has been photographing ECs,
Extra Celestials, ever since.  She lectures widely on the topic, inviting audience members to bring their cameras
and document the orbs for themselves at the end of her presentation.  In Burson’s experience the energies she has
been told are Light Beings from other worlds manifest as images of orbs, points of light, blue flashes, or even skulls
of light, as in this photo.

As her lectures prove, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture other-worldly images on film.  
Melanie Usischon found etheric energy in a photo that she took of her daughter running down the corridor of their
hotel at Disneyworld.  A student from Puerto Rico, Usischon was taken aback by the image.  “I didn’t know what it
was, but I thought it was very cool, so I didn’t throw it out.”

Kirlian photography, originated in 1939, documents electrical energy by direct contact with a photographic plate.
Two people photographing the same image at the same time may very well document two different
levels of being or vibration.  One may pick up orbs, while the second may receive the image of a
panther in the same place.  Celia Tiberio picks up her camera when she gets a particular feeling,
or when she is told by her Spiritual Guidance.  Her images, largely taken out of doors, document
a wide variety of energy patterns emerging in the landscape all around her Central New Jersey
home.  Tiberio finds it very reassuring that this energy, this “love” is being dispensed so freely to
all on the planet, from the hills of New Jersey to the Red Rocks of Sedona, to the tors of  the Celtic
lands of Britain.  Unwilling to place her photographic efforts into a limited paradigm, Tiberio does
not define what the images are, but encourages the viewer to define the energies for himself.  
Symbols, shafts of light, white buffalo heads, portals, and more appear in the photos that Tiberio
has been taking for the past ten to fifteen years.

One of the most interesting things that happen in inter- dimensional photos is the second layer of
anomalies that often show up in the background.  In this photo of orbs at the waterfall, there are
secondary images of skulls in the falling water of the supports.  Others in the same series contain
different manifestations.  Each secondary image has meaning to the photographer at the time it is
taken, and may indeed contain a message for others as well.  The skull is a symbol of transition,
of transformation to the higher realms of consciousness, hence its repeated use among spiritual
cultures for millennium.
Images of Mary, the mother of Jesus, have
appeared in photographs for many years.  The
most famous image was taken in Arizona by a
were driving down the road.  She asked him to  
so she could take a picture of the beautiful  on a
camera.  As the
camera.  As the
behind the bush.  Feeling that this was a gift for
everyone from Mary, the woman has never taken
world, with no hint of her identity.
among the leaves of trees, in waterfalls, in the
clouds, anywhere there is a need to connect
message that we are not alone.  That is the
ultimate message behind all inter-dimensional
photography – the unconditional love of the
Creator is everywhere and is available to all.

(c) Rev. Christina Lynn Whited
Circle of
(c) Celia Tiberio