The Importance of the
High Bridge Portal

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When the world was new, when the formation of the earth was in its infantile stages, it was decreed by
ALL That Is that there should be portals between the various dimensions of life upon this earth.  It was
also decreed that these doorways remain invisible to the eye, available only to those with the inner
knowingness to see the Light.

The purpose of each portal was to allow beings of advanced development a means of access to aid their
fellow life forms.  As such, a security system was put in place at each portal that was thus activated,
requiring a certain level of vibratory force to be maintained in order to use the portal.

In the natural order of things, waterfalls were chosen as the appropriate geologic form to locate each
portal.  The creation of negative ions through the force of falling water made for the perfect
electromagnetic environment to facilitate movement as well as rejuvenation of energetic resources of
those who would use the portal.

Fairies, the angels of the environmental world, are wise indeed, for they immediately made the waterfalls
their homes.  This did not preclude other beings from using the portals simultaneously, and thus
waterfalls became beehives of activity.

Two thousand years ago, with the appearance of Jesus, the Christ, upon this earthly plane, a grid of
Light was placed around this, your Mother Earth.  The purpose of this grid is to protect the earth and her
inhabitants from outside forces intent upon harm.  In the course of human evolution, the use of free will
has sadly become perverted, and the forces of darkness have found ways to subjugate human minds.  
To offset this propensity, the Galactic Federation determined that a grid of Light would be the best means
of protection for the planet, as well as increased oversight of her children.

The grid appears much like a spider’s web, crisscrossing itself as it wraps around this beautiful planet
high above the atmosphere.  At each cross point there is an anchor, a band of Light that flows from the
grid to the earth itself.  Once the Light reaches the earth it radiates out, much like sunbeams, sending its
healing Light and protection to the earthly environment.  It is for this reason that the falls in High Bridge
as so very important, for the grid is anchored there.  The physical location is a bridge to the Light and the
events among the people were constructed so that there was potential for the name to come into being
through what appeared to be, to the human mind at the time, a random set of circumstances.  You, my
friends, know enough to acknowledge Divine Order in all things, including the naming of a town.

As Fate would have it, or the Powers That Be, those whose life mission could be most readily
accomplished in the presence of such powerful energy were drawn to the area.  As the eons proceeded
the information and experiences available there became much more visible.  We have now reached a
time in the earth’s history when we are willing to reveal the power of this portal, of the Grid itself, to the
human eye, or at least the camera’s eye.  As each of you becomes more finely attuned to the energy
there, more and more will be revealed.

Take this opportunity that we freely give to you to experience the power and presence of All That Is
through access to the falls in High Bridge.  When two or more are gathered in love, there shall be

May there be wonders every day for each of you,
through Christina Lynn Whited