Clearing the Unconscious

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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by going very deeply into the essence of your being.  You will talk  with
Christina about areas of your life where you are experiencing limitation,
such as health, relationships, abundance, or self-worth, etc., and define the
core programs of the limitation.  Christina will then deepen her meditative
state to connect with All That Is, thereby identifying which of the levels
associated with this work is affected by the limitation, the
Foundation, the
, the Journey, or the Spirit.  In so doing, the limitations are
released from the levels concerned and replaced with a positive
affirmation of the new paradigm.

As the Golden Orb Technique has developed, we generally clear about
300 to 400 programs, relating to 2 or 3 general issues, per session.  Each
session is about 15 minutes in duration.  It has been found that the
changes are too profound if a greater number or programs are released
simultaneously.  We prefer to err on the side of caution.

In most cases the experience of positive emotion related to the new
affirmation is also downloaded, thereby allowing the associated feeling to
be familiar.

This is life transforming work.  The
Golden Orb Technique may be subtle
or deeply moving, but you will be able to feel the shifts.  As with
Soul Path
the net result is that you hold more Light, feel less burdened
by life, more joyful and open to the possibilities of this life's journey.
Spirit has recently led Christina to a system that identifies the beliefs that limit individual growth and expansion,
releases them, and then replaces them with positive emotions, affirmations, and beliefs.

Through Spirit, she is able to understand the basis of the problem, see which of the four levels of being it is
ingrained in, and subsequently release the limiting program.  These unconscious limitations can be can be
held on the
Foundation level where they shape our very life; the Ancestral level where they have been
handed down through genetic transmission of the DNA; the level of our spiritual
Journey through many
lifetimes; and in the individual
Spirit level where they have become ingrained in our soul even between

When you are ready to experience all the potential this journey of your life holds, make a commitment to
yourself to participate in the
Golden Orb Technique.  Call today and through the power of All That Is, grow
your personal beacon of Light.  Rates are available upon request.

TESTIMONIAL: "Unlike traditional talk therapy, the Golden Orb Technique that Christina used got to the heart
of issues that I have struggled with for years very quickly.  Using her connection to higher realms, she was able
to release my deepest fears and resistance.  Now I feel like life is hopeful, joyous and worth living for a long
time.  I look forward to growing old."  N.E., NJ