We all know that angels are from a different lineage than human beings, yet so much like us in many ways, well
the same goes for the Fairy Kingdom.  Through our activity with Inter-Dimensional Photography at the Falls, we
life forms, and they work to insure that all moves as harmoniously as possible.

They aid the animals in finding shelter before storms, urging plants to grow along a certain corridor, and
impressing humans with respect and reverence for nature, and so much more.

We honor their presence and are so very grateful that they are willing to be photographed by us.  In the
beginning, we saw them in the pictures only as orbs of Light moving forward toward the falls.  Now many people
are able to pick up very distinct shapes.  The more we visit on our Field Trips,the stronger the images become.

Below you will find some actual images of Fairies that we were blessed to receive over the past few trips.

This is the Circle of Intention Affirmation - pass it on!

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This was one of the first photos to
show specific Fairy energy.  You can
see the dot of Light just beneath the
'M' on the log.
This is a portion and close-up of the
previous photo. This Fairy was just to
the right of the log .  The branches are
from same tree to give you a sense of
This image was taken by one of the class members.  It is a
classic Tinkerbell type of Fairy, more specifically known as
a Flower Fairy.  She is not overly fond of the Tinkerbell

At the end of our photo sessions I spend a few minutes channeling the Faerie Queen.  She once
suggested that we draw a glass of water each day, program it with the vibration of Healing, Peace,
Love, Light, and Joy, and then pour it down the drain.  The water will then pass through all our human
pathways on the way to the ocean, thus imbuing all the other waters with its loving energy. We now
encourage everyone to simply bless the water that they use in any way - bathing, dish washing,
laundry, etc. - as it flows away from us.

How magnificent!  We hope you will give it a try!